Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I always seem to clean the cooktop the day before I cook bacon. Or slop the bechemal sauce. Or drop a bag of rice.

~ last Friday I clumsily threw spilled a cup of boiling hot miso soup all over the front seat of my car. And my leg. It hurt, and my car still smells baaaaaaaad. And I remember that the last time I spilled miso soup, it was from the same place. Spooky.

~ why is the laundry powder scoop always buried when you open a new box, so you have to go digging for it through that soapy grit because you’ve already recycled the last scoop? Ick.

~ something nasty-but-essentially-feminine made a comeback last week, exactly two years (to the day) since it last visited. It was horrible; at one point, I decided giving birth was a more pleasant experience.

~ one serving of chocolate is never enough. Lasagna? Never enough. Pavlova, chocolate mousse, pizza? Never enough. One homemade hamburger feels like it is never enough, but two bites into that second one….too much.

~ yesterday, after a sweat-inducing walk with kindy-mum friends, we ended up at a café that some of the All Blacks were in (Oh hi, Richie…hi…). When I told Tiny, he snorted and said, “Don’t be silly, mum. The All Blacks don’t drink coffee.” “Oh?” I replied. “They don’t?” “No,” he scoffed. “They drink beer.”

~ grapefruit are my underrated food of the week. Love them. Not loving so much the juice squirting into my eye. Which reminds me – must make optometrist appointment.

~ Pickle is learning new words all the time but his most recent, and my most favourite, is “Mama”. Even at 3am, accompanied by crying, it’s a beautiful sound (that may be the tiredness talkin’).


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Haha they drink beer 🙂 had the laundry powder scoop thing this morning – started digging only to find that for once it was actually under the bag and not in it!

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