Meal Planning

I’m quite proud of my meal plan for this week. Instead of trolling through my recipe books, picking whatever I felt like for the week’s meals, I planned our meals based around the half jars of this and half packets of that which were lurking in our fridge.

Meal PlanThe 200ml of coconut milk, and handful of limp-looking mushrooms? Pan-fried monkfish with a curried coconut sauce, served on rice with stir-fried vegetables.

The two little cabbages from my dad’s garden? They were destined to be made into coleslaw for hamburgers, but unfortunately they’d gone to seed and weren’t able to be used. Not to worry – we had a bag of metro lettuce and some blue cheese, so our burgers went a little “gourmet”.

The few strips of streaky bacon, leftover from the Otago Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago? They’ll be going in to our perennial favourite, macaroni cheese.

The spring onion, three-quarters of a chilli, half pottle of sour cream and half tub of greek yoghurt will be toppings for mince-and-beans nachoes, while the eggplant I bought on special last week will become my favourite vegetarian dish: Melanzane alla Parmigiana. Ahem. I am horrified that I misspelled melanzane on my whiteboard…but not enough to want to change it.

All the vegetables not stir-fried for the monkfish meal will be added to a Thai chicken curry…green, red or Massuman, I haven’t decided yet.

I did forget about half a pottle of ricotta cheese, but fear not! It won’t be wasted! My husband is off to the Bledisloe Cup rugby game on Saturday night, so I might make myself a little salad with some baked ricotta served alongside. Yum.

What’s on the menu in your house this week?

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3 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. We used to plan our meals by picking out recipes and getting all the necessary ingredients once a week. Now we do a bulk shop once a month and meals are planned based on what’s in the fridge, pantry and has arrived in the vege box! This week we’ve had Thai green curry and fried rice, we’ve been given some delicious beef bourguignon and I think home made pizza will be a go on Friday night! your meals look and delish!

  2. I’d love to push myself and do one of those weeks where you only shop for the things you have to have fresh and try to get all the other stuff from the pantry – there is always enough in ours, yet I still do a ‘full’ shop each week. A good challenge I think 🙂

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