Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ the divine smell of Lush Rockstar soap brings back super-strong memories of a Strawberry Shortcake soap I loved as a kid. Oooo, how I savoured that soap, hiding it away in my bedroom so my siblings couldn’t use it. Because…my big brother would have wanted to, right? Right??

~ my in-laws stayed with us last weekend. We did some gardening. My brain is now full of weird and wonderful plant names…but I can’t remember which name goes which which plant.

~ fresh lamingtons are yum. So yum.

imagePickle thinks so too…

image~ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s a serious conspiracy concerning socks all getting holes in them at the same time. Coincidence? A likely story. What goes on in that sock drawer, I wonder? /eyes sock draw suspiciously/

~ when I was six, I knelt on a bumble bee in class. I felt so bad about squashing him, that I kept his fuzzy little corpse in a matchbox for years and years. Nevermind that the little bugger stung me…

~ muscles that have not been used in, oh, two years, will protest loudly if pushed to their limits. On Monday evening I went out for a walk, and found myself running. Actually running, for the first time in two years. It felt good, but when I got home and had shaky legs, I knew I was in for trouble. Sure enough, walking down the stairs on Tuesday yesterday today has been a wobbly struggle.


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