A Child’s Palate

Friends and family often comment on what good eaters our boys – especially Tiny – are. Not in terms of how much they eat, rather, what they eat.

I put it down to the variety of foods we offer them on a daily basis; the variety we’ve offered right from starting solids. We opted for feeding our boys by baby-led weaning, meaning they’ve always eaten what we eat, or at least tasted what we eat.

Pesto BagelNeither are keen on tomatoes or capsicum, but enjoy raw mushrooms and grapefruit. Both love paté and pesto, and Tiny is rather partial to salmon (smoked or fresh) and blue cheese. He must be the only three-year-old who doesn’t like tomato ketchup, and he’s only just started to eat pizza. Seriously, what kid doesn’t like sauce and pizza??!

Toddler eats CherriesMy in-laws were here over the weekend, and they were amused at his food choices. We went to a café for lunch one day, and on the way, he piped up, “I hope this café has sushi!”. Once inside, he chose brioche french toast over fish and chips; the in-laws were impressed, but Tall and I were unfazed, because this is a common occurrence.

IMG_2137So far, Pickle is proving to be as adventurous as Tiny – perhaps more so. He loves crunching on cucumber and celery, and will happily try anything he is offered. He might not like everything, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the trying it that’s important.

Cherries & AvocadoHe didn’t like peas the first time he tried them, but over the weekend, downed a bowl of them. Same with broccoli and raisins; we live by the “rule of 10”, offering things at least 10 times before ruling them out.

They do both enjoy “normal” kid foods too, especially of the “treat” variety. When Pickle was sick last month, he stopped eating all together…except for potato chips. We have an unwritten rule in this house: if we’re prepared to eat it in front of them, we have to be prepared to share.

A few weeks ago, I conducted a small experiment. I heated a can of tomato soup (sideline: I’m considering writing to Campbell’s to tell them their recipe for beef and tomato shepherd’s pie should be called cottage pie, seeing it’s made with beef, not lamb…) and took it to the table, asking Tiny if he’d like to have some red soup. He would. He came to the table and ate every last drop of that soup. “I don’t like tomato soup,” he told me. “What about red soup?” I asked nonchalantly, trying to keep a straight face. “Oh yes!” he exclaimed. “I do like red soup!”

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9 thoughts on “A Child’s Palate

  1. Riley was the same when he was younger, he’d eat anything and everything even olives (I can’t stand them). He’s gotten a bit fussier with age and needs convincing to eat some things but I’m happy as long as he gives things a try and there are very few things that he’ll refuse outright.

  2. Heehee re the red soup 🙂 Love kids who will try everything! my girls have very interesting palates too – opting for grilled mushrooms and pesto on crackers over fairy bread at parties!

  3. baby led weaning is brilliant. there is a study on it happening in dunedin, are you part of that? both my kids are BLW, claud begs for olives like lollies!

    p.s you get my vote. i love what i read here x

  4. Awwww – cute :-)! Is that eczema I see on your wee man :-(! Horrible stuff, Ash had it badly as a little baby also; will send you an e-mail!

    Wish my kids were more open to trying things… they’re good eaters, but…

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