Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I’ve finally used the last of the apricot jam my mum and I made at Easter, which means buying it from the supermarket from now until the summer. Sigh.

~ this chocolate mousse….oh my. Almost as quick as opening a block of chocolate, but better. So much better. And dairy-free to boot. Yeehaaaaa.

~ Tall’s 30th birthday present was the birth (two days prior) of his firstborn child. His 31st birthday present was a piece of half-chewed sausage in his shoe, which he discovered on the bus on the way to work.

~ when both of your children have colds (the thick, green-at-the-nose kind), you should steer away from putting a white duvet cover on your bed.

~ when you’d rather pay for a coffee from a service station than make one at home in your not-so-fancy-fancy coffee machine, it’s time to get a new one. Any recommendations from the coffee drinkers out there (preferably one that has a bean grinder attached)??

~ there’s a lovely, lovely lady called Deb floating about the internet, and in real life, she makes the most beautiful quilts, mainly to give away. A group of her friends has banded together to raise money to buy Deb a fancy machine so she can carry on her amazing work; having been on the receiving end of a Deb-hug, I can imagine that wrapping yourself in a Deb-quilt has the essence of her amazingness sewn into every little seam. If you’d like to read more, and donate, check out this post by Juliet, Treena-Marie, Cat and Laura, and Deb herself. Then get donating and spreading the word, okay? Okay.

Blessing DebInstagram #BlessingDebNZ


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Ah, I just love your descriptions of sausage in shoe and green-nosed duvets! My mum has frequently commented you could tell how tall I was when I started walking by the snail trail around the edge of the bed (not one of my most promising childhood traits!). Thanks for a great giggle. Amy (mother of one snotty-nosed preschooler)

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