Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I thought of three funny stories to tell you. I didn’t write them down. I forgot them. Oops.

~ Pickle stood unaided for the first time yesterday, then took his first tentative and oh-so-wobbly steps. Part of me is all proud mama…but part of me isn’t ready for this, isn’t ready for a toddler.

~ I used to really like Pams jellybeans but the’ve changed the recipe and now I don’t like them at all. Not even the green ones, and green sweets are the BEST.

~ new words are being learned daily by the littlest men of the house. Among my favourites this week are “Spider” for Pickle, and “Dodecahedron” for Tiny.

~ zebras do not, it transpires, say “clippity-clop” like we’ve been telling Tiny for the past three-and-a-half years. Likewise, giraffes do not say, “nibble nibble”, BUT deers do say “cough cough”. Kind of.

~ these random thoughts are almost “…on Friday”, but looky, there are still a couple of hours of Thursday left. We’ve had a busy week, but tomorrow we have no plans. Rain is forecast, and Tiny has been asking all week if we can have a pyjama party…tomorrow might just be the day. Except for Tall. He’ll have to get dressed because he has to go to work. And he doesn’t have any pyjamas.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

    • Huh. I did not know that!

      One MUST have standards about these things. An old colleague was on a mission to find the perfect marshmallow; she would bring some back from wherever she travelled and we would have a very serious meeting about them.

      It’s things like this that keep the world ticking, you know. xx

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