Road Trippin’…

(Does anyone else remember that song, with the plasticine aliens in the video? I think the line went something like, “Road trippin’, across the universe, only going forward, still can’t find reverse…”)

(Edit: a friend found the video I was referring to on YouTube: Star Trekking by The Firm – enjoy!!)

Gorgeous Stella from the golden adventures of a very dark horse is running a super-wowly-awesome giveaway of travel goodies, asking where everyone’s ultimate road trip would take them.

Such a tricky question to answer! Do I choose somewhere I’ve never been but always dreamed of, or do I choose to relive a trip I’ve been on before?

If it’s the latter, I’d have a hard time choosing between reliving our time driving around the beautiful island of Sardinia in Luigi (but this time, with our boys, and married instead of newly-engaged), and our summer-of-2012 roady around the South Island – minus the horrendous morning sickness, but plus the little critter who was its cause. Or perhaps our Budapest-to-Prague trip, again minus the morning sickness…?

BUT – there are so many parts of the world I’m yet to explore, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to waste this opportunity, right??

So, would I choose to drive across the good old US or A, or perhaps traverse Canada? Or drive through the Champagne region of France, or wind our way up through South-East Asia?

So many options. If only this were a real decision I had to make.

But it isn’t (sigh), so I shall have wistful fun imagining it all, and in the meantime, cross fingers that I’m the lucky winner of Stella’s loot.


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