Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots used to advertise make-up and the like always make me snicker. Surely no one believes that a foundation can change the colour of the wall behind the pretty lady???

~ at the mature age of *ahem* 36, I still eat sweets until I feel sick.

~ savoury pinwheel scones are currently rocking my world. Can’t get enough. Can’t just eat one at a time.

~ I straightened my hair on my birthday, and in doing so, discovered a couple – nay! a veritable herd – of new grey hairs. Excellent. Happy birthday to me.

~ Tiny has a new friend at kindy; he’s at least six months older, and while he seems like a nice boy (and his mum is lovely), it makes me a little sad to hear my little man copying what he says. Things like, “Daddy – you, me and [Pickle] are on the boys’ team,” and “Dolls are for girls to play with”. We try not to talk about gender differentiation with him – he’s not yet three-and-a-half; there’s plenty of time for that – and I know it’ll come eventually, but…not yet. Please, not yet.

~ the babies Tiny grew up with (as part of our coffee group) are named Jack, Flynn, Yvie and Eden. Jack and Eden are now back living in England (sigh), and Yvie has moved away from Dunedin (again, sigh). We still see Flynn and his mum each week (yay!). It amuses me greatly that two of his best kindy friends are also called Flynn and Evie, plus there’s a Jack who used to be in his class, AND he has a new non-kindy friend named Eden.

~ molars should not be allowed to cut through in pairs, nor should they be allowed to cut through just one excruciating point at a time. We have one very dribbly, very grumpy baby.

~ I recently got sent an email to say I’d won a competition that I hadn’t entered (I’d thought, but promptly forgotten, about it). I let them know that there’d been a mistake, and the company were so surprised at my honesty, that they’re going to send me the prize anyway! Honesty. It’s definitely the best policy.


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Happy Birthday my fellow lolly-fiend! (When do we grow out of it? My dentist and my butt really want to know).

  2. Eating lollies till you feel ill….yep that’s me too. Sour lollies with sugar on the outside are my biggest downfall – like the Natural Confectionary Sour Squirms…..nom nom! Yay for unexpected wins xx

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