Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ last week I scraped the knuckles of one hand against our wood-panelled walls while carrying the laundry basket upstairs. They bled; I used the last plaster to stem the flow. I then scraped the knuckles of the other hand on our bedroom door, carrying the same basket. I look like I’ve been punching things. I haven’t.

~ I am also sporting a delightful burn on my inner arm after deciding to use said arm to support a very hot oven rack. Yeah. I’m a klutz.

~ it isn’t a wise idea for someone with a dairy intolerance to order a hot chocolate in a cafe. Nor is it wise to use that mug of chocolatey milk to wash down a cheese scone.

~ when we moved into our old house, we had two cabbage trees. We chopped one down, and there was much rejoicing. I spent the next three years whining about the leaves shed by the remaining tree (if you bundle 6-8 of the fallen fronds together and tie them with another, they make great kindling, FYI). At our new house…we have three cabbage trees. However, the positioning of them means I hardly notice the fallen leaves. Interesting. Or….not.

~ chicken flavoured crisps really don’t taste like chicken at all. At least salt & vinegar delivers what it says.

~ silence broken by birdsong is one of my favourite sounds. With two small, children, silence is rare around these parts, but Pickle is sleep-feeding in my arms while I type one-handed, and Tall is reading to himself. Bliss.


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Totally agree with you about chicken chips – they are so random and quite disappointing – have eaten 2 different brands lately and both were very meh. Give me a good salt and vinegar or ready salted any day I say! Outside our house in the twilight, the noise of the kaka flying round the valley is simply awesome and silence is not mandatory they are that loud! Love your random posts xx

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