Review: Magician – Raymond E. Feist

It is with a sigh of happiness that I finished reading Magician, by Raymond E. Feist, last night; happiness because I really enjoyed reading it, not because I was glad to be finished.

As I said in the early days, I don’t usually read the fantasy genre, so I was surprised to find myself drawn, so quickly, into the world of Midkemia. The characters were likeable, their relationships believable, and their interactions plausible.

I enjoyed Feist’s style; he offers sufficient description of people and places to allow the reader to use a little of their own imagination, to fill in the blanks. I did find myself comparing this to Tolkien’s Middle Earth on occasion, and struggled to place the action as taking place anywhere other than the landscape of New Zealand.

I did struggle with the occasional “romantic” passages in the novel. They felt clumsy and adolescent (and this may have been deliberate, given the age of the characters), uncomfortable and unnecessary additions. However, they were so few that I was able to get past those feelings fairly promptly.

I liked the development of Pug, the orphaned keep boy who becomes master magician, and the struggle of Tomas, the nobleman’s son who becomes a warrior of horrific proportions. The various non-human characters were interesting – and mostly humanlike in character – and seemed to play out the way similar characters have in other fantasy novels (for example, the dwarves in Feist’s Midkemia are almost identical in character to those in Tolkien’s Middle Earth).

I’m pleased to say that I did enjoy this book, having been reluctant to try it a second time; it came highly recommended by this lovely lady (and her husband), and I’m so glad I liked it, because returning it with a sheepish, “I didn’t like it”, would have been quite unfortunate.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Magician – Raymond E. Feist

    • I read for far too long when I get into bed 🙂
      I didn’t think I’d like reading on a tablet, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought (if you have an iPad you can download the Kindle app). Having said that…nothing beats turning the pages of a book x

  1. I love this series. I read up until a certain book aaaaages ago and now I feel I need a re-read of them all to get back up to speed. But that was like, 8 maybe 9 books and I barely have time to read new books. I might do them on audio.

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