Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ soup is apparently best enjoyed straight from a sippy cup. When the consumer lacks the coordination to wield his own spoon…yeah, I like this method too.

IMG_3574~ mild, spring-like days followed by icy, winter days result in flies arriving and then dying in my kitchen. Ten in the last two days. Ugh. Also, I’m hoping that they are weather-related and that we haven’t bought into some horrid infestation.

~ sunsets have taken on a whole new joy now that we live on a hill.

IMG_3577~ there are only so many times that your printer will make a “composite black” until it flat-out refuses to print anything.

~ whenever I see a small scrap of paper in our lounge, my instinct is to throw it on the fire. The gas fire.

IMG_3582~ don’t throw away the bits that break off your food processor lid when you drop it, for it is more-than-likely you’ll find that one of those “random” shards is in fact the piece that locks the lid in place and your processor won’t work without it. Ever tried making breadcrumbs in a blender? Yeah…don’t try.

~ it pays not to get excited about the prospect of a new food processor until you’ve checked whether you can buy spare parts online. You can. Huzzah. Kind of.

~ it is ridiculous to stop eating a block of chocolate when there are just four squares remaining. Seriously, it’s not worth it; you’re better off eating them and saving yourself the heartache of possibly having just two squares next time (this is based purely on the mathematics of sharing with someone you love enough to share chocolate with), because two squares will never be enough.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. We love living on a hill – but we get the sunrises not the sunsets 🙂 And I so get the whole missing food processor bits. When ours got smashed earlier in the year, the silly retailer didn’t tell us to keep the blade inside the glass jar and so when we got a replacement glass jar we’d already thrown away the whole jar (including the bit in the middle). We ended up having a big fight over it, I wrote a letter to head office and in the end they came to the party as they’d mucked us around so much! Great idea re the soup – and a very cute demonstrator too xx

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