Random Thoughts on Thursday: the house edition

Tomorrow. It’s Settlement Day on our new house. To say that we’re excited is the understatement of the century. This day has been a long time coming, it seems – although the past six weeks have sped by – and we are ready, so ready, to move into our new home.

Are we sad to be leaving this house? A little. Not really. I think we’ve mentally been out for a while now – we lost our passion for making changes a few months back – and neither of us are the sort to be too emotionally attached to brick and mortar.

However, in the spirit of RToT, here are the things I will miss about this house:

~ this was the first home we owned, and the three-and-a-half years we’ve lived here has been the longest we’ve lived anywhere together

~ this is where we brought our boys home to (and where one – Pickle – was conceived)

~ our beautiful, beautiful ceilings. I will miss laying in bed or on the lounge floor with such an amazing “view”

Ceiling~ the duck shelf in the toilet

Duck Shelf~ the changes we’ve made, and the comments people make when they walk in and see how contemporary those changes are, but how sympathetic we’ve been to the age of the house (it’s almost 100 years old)

Bathroom Hallway~ the stained-glass windows in the lounge and our bedroom, and the way the coloured light plays softly on the carpet when the sun hits them

There are also, however, things I won’t miss:

~ the huge gaps under some of the doors, the warped doors, the wonky walls

~ the way the southerly rain leaks through our bedroom windows

~ the duck shelf in the toilet 😉

~ the ice-box that is our laundry during the winter

~ having to go through the aforementioned ice-box to get to the toilet

~ the neighbourhood cats who seem to think our vegetable and herb gardens are their personal toilets (grrrrrrrrrrr!)

~ the green kitchen with its terribly-fitted, impossible-to-reach-into pantry

Kitchen~ the lack of neighbourhoodliness (not a word, you say, SpellCheck? Pah.), and the punks who have broken our letterbox a gazillion times.

We have had some wonderfully awesome-fun times in this house, and it will always be remembered fondly, but it’s time to move on to somewhere bigger and better, time to let another family create wonderful awesome-fun memories here.

(I can’t promise there won’t be tears when I close the front door for the last time though!)


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday: the house edition

  1. love hate duck relationship!

    Here’s to the beginning of new things for your whanau!! Exciting!

    I love what you’ve done with the bathroom and hall! And a green kitchen!! You kept that hidden from the blog well! (and to think of all those cooking posts! I didn’t see green once!)

  2. love those ceilings. I look forward to ‘seeing’ the new place. I LOVE change so I will get my fix from you. (I love our house though so I don’t actually want to move!)

  3. We’re a bit the same – this current place is the longest place we have ever lived anywhere… and I will cry when we leave, partly sadness for all the wonderful times we have had here, but partly joy as there is a LOT I really don’t like about this house ;-)! We want to build one day, and I have learnt a lot about things I WON’T be having in my dream home from living here :-)!

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