Reading Right Now

I’m still reading Magician, and still enjoying it, although the “romantic” parts make me cringe a little in their clumsiness.

We went to the library late one afternoon while waiting for an appointment, and while my boys played, I browsed the kids’ books. However, of the six we came home with, only two were of my sole choosing – the remaining four were picked by my biggest one. He’s enjoyed Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency (by Cressida Cowell) and Willie Wants to Wee Wee (by Murray Ball), but his favourite, by far, is Bertie was a Watchdog, by Rick Walton.

IMG_3484 It is such a clever story; it’s fun to read and has a nice little message. The illustrations are simple and amusing, and Tiny loves it – he giggles in all the right places, and it has obviously been written by someone who knows what tickles little people’s fancies!




The baby is still loving any book he can get his hands on – and now that he’s able to pull himself to stand, there’s a whole new world of books for him to discover! The book I got him from the library is one of my favourites, The Noisy Book, by Soledad Bravi.

IMG_3522The pictures are cute, and the author has interspersed the usual suspects (“The cat says meow”, “The lion says roar”, “The dog says woof woof”…) with far more interesting pictures and words.

IMG_3523IMG_3525I always get a good giggle out of this one, because they certainly do say this in our house right now:



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