Eating on the Move

In this week’s groceries, I did something I never do: I bought pizza bases and cookies.

Before you insist I hang my head in shame, please hear my defense:

We’re moving house this weekend.

Being the organised soul that I am, I decided to pack our pantry and cupboards last weekend. Herbs? In a box. Assorted rices? In a box. Baking supplies? In a box. Rolling pin? In…well, you get the picture, right??

IMG_3516Our pantry looks bare (although I am painfully aware that my “bare” pantry will be someone’s full pantry, and I count myself truly lucky that I can be so glib about this), and each time I open it, I am a little shocked (that may also be in part because there’s a random bottle of toilet cleaner in there).

IMG_3517IMG_3518I planned this week’s meals to use the minimum amount of ingredients, cooking implements and crockery, simply so I could keep packing.

Spaghetti bolognese: one fry pan, one pot
Pork and noodle stir fry: as above
Pizza: two oven trays
Spanish omelette: one fry pan
Lamb shank soup: one fry pan, one slow cooker
Lasagna from the freezer: one microwave

IMG_3521I think I am officially a packing geek.

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5 thoughts on “Eating on the Move

  1. You truly are amazing – I am so NOT that organised… I wish I was though :-)! I have yet to really start seriously meal-planning, one day soon – hopefully ;-)!

  2. Yes yes yes! a woman after my own heart 🙂 People think we’re crazy planner and organisers! I’m pleased we’re not alone! Love your work – happy moving weekend!

  3. Oh so organised I am in awe. I like to think we are organised too – we kinda have to be with the busyness of our lives and I hate it when things fall through the cracks – but it happens – so good on you for improvising – bought pizza bases and the like! Hope the move goes well xx

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