Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I went back and deleted some of my early posts because I didn’t like them. They made this space feel cluttered, and I don’t like clutter. I still really like my very first post though.

~ I love the beautiful way many small companies package their goods when sending them out to customers. Recently, it’s been Heart Felt (see the book pages sewn together below – LOVE!), Pretty Birds and Emma Makes who have gone to that extra effort.


~ my desire to be in this space seems to be coming back, but I’m trying to take it slowly, ease my way back in so I don’t get that burned-out feeling again.

~ I’m still trying to decide whether I should change the name of this blog, and whether a new name could justify a bit of a spruce up. Maybe a spot of spring cleaning to blow away the dust is what I need??

~ a few months back I won a Success Chart by Cherry Top Rewards, from lovely Jenny over at Mend and Make New. It came at the perfect time, as we were trying to encourage Tiny to use the toilet, and it worked a treat! The chart is broken down into four sections, which made it really easy for Tiny to see how many “scratchies” he had to go before receiving a reward of some kind. He loved seeing each picture revealed, and matching the pairs became part of the fun. I will be buying more of these charts in the future, for sure.


~ I don’t eat enough fruit during the winter. Apart from the odd apple pie, I think I probably eat no fruit during winter. Since my pregnancy with Pickle, I can’t stomach bananas; raw apples give me tummy ache; oranges take too much preparation; mandarin pieces are always stolen.

~ I always go to bed later on the weekend, even though I know there’s no real point because I’ll still be woken at the same time as always. It’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime.

~ we move into our new house in just over two weeks time! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I like this post
    I deleted ALL my posts previous to this year *big regret* I also shut my blog down to private for awhile – I understand the burnout feeling –
    I drink grapefruit juice in the mornings in winter but hmmmm fruit I probably also don’t have enough

  2. What sort of posts did you delete?! I’ve thought about doing that too. Some are so embarrassing. Especially the early ones where its like I was only “talking” to americans (when I thought only americans had blogs)… I was talking but no one was listening. Silly Sophie.

    Perhaps a blog re do WOULD inspire?! I would love to offer you my photoshop services but I just dont think i’ll have time – perhaps in the future, OR if you have an idea that would be really easy I’d be happy to do it! haha!


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