Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ Monday was mild and windy here. “The perfect drying day”, my mother said. “Get your washing out,” she said. And so I hung out a big load and brought it in bone dry…smelling of coal smoke :-/ Sorry, mum, but I’m choosing to dry my washing inside over winter, because that stench lingers for a loooong time.

~ I once knelt on a Duplo flower. The stem rammed right under my knee cap. I swore profusely, and hobbled around for three days. I had to explain to my yoga teacher why I couldn’t kneel during the earth salutations. I therefore find one of my husband’s newest Threadless t-shirts (titled “Angry Brick“) hilAAAAArious.

~ the discovery of pulled pork has changed my life. Seriously.

~ my plans to cull while packing haven’t really worked out. Perhaps I’ll cull while unpacking, instead??

~ all four of the babies I’ve been eagerly awaiting have now arrived – yippeee! My heart is bursting with new baby love.

~ I experienced the briefest pang of cluckiness while cuddling baby Mia yesterday. It was fleeting, however, and was largely overshadowed by a feeling of certainty that our decision to stop at two is the right one. Not to say she isn’t delicious – she definitely is! – but I am d.o.n.e. Done.

~ the pile of home decorating/renovating magazines I was going to give away have now been packed for the move; I have this feeling they will come into their own once more.


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I love your random ramblings – our washing never sees the light of day in the winter – it’s always a clothes horse/dehumidifier drying jobby – sad as I love the fresh outdoor smell clothes have when they are dried outdoors! And yoweee to the kneeling on the Duplo – standing on Lego in the soft underside of your foot is about the same painfulness I’d reckon! Yay for all the new babies – I’m still waiting on one xx

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