Random Thoughts on Thursday

These are more random tidbits than random thoughts; I could probably compose a post on each one but time is of the essence at the moment!

~ my beautiful sister and her family arrive from Melbourne today. “SQUEEEEEEEEE” just doesn’t cut it. I am SO EXCITED, I could burst.

~ two more pairs of my jeans have fallen to the curse of the hands-on parent: holes in the knees. Sadly, they are two of my go-to pairs: my fat-day jeans (that have seen me through many a-bloat for the past 10+ years), and my long-and-leans from Gap UK (the best jeans I have ever owned; they fit perfectly and did what the label promised). Like the last pair of jeans to succumb, these pairs will be kept and occasionally worn, for old times’ sake.

~ two of the four babies I’ve been waiting for have been born (huge congratseseses to Sophie and Talia on the safe arrivals of their baby girls); the other two are still snuggled up inside their mamas.

~ I started packing this week. The first thing I packed? My shoes and handbags. Why? I have no idea. I am currently staring at two flat boxes that are just calling out to be made up and filled, but I’m trying to work out my system and it’s not happening.

~ the small birthday party we were planning on throwing Pickle this weekend has actually turned into a much larger affair than anticipated. I just keep on inviting people, and suddenly, the guest list is over 30 people. I’m looking at it as the last hurrah we’ll have in this house….and I love throwing parties.

IMG_3175~ on Pickle’s birthday, I went back and re-read his birth story. I often tell people how much I enjoyed his birth, and I still feel that way. Pregnancy, on the other hand…not. going. back.

~ our house sold within eight days of going on the market. We had two offers within 48 hours of it being listed, went through one open home, and then accepted one of those first offers. To have it completed so quickly is such a relief; now we can focus on the move again.

House Sold~ we had to swap our gas cooktop and awesome oven for a ceramic-top range (we were field-testers and couldn’t leave the products for the new owners), and I am struggling with the slow-response of the cooktop. I can’t wait to get back to using gas in our new place!!

~ Tiny is currently obsessed with taking his daily vitamin C tablet. He calls them his “round things”, and gives me two each time he has one. Win-win.


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Lydia has a Vit C and a Multi-Vit everyday also, and is also obsessed with making sure she gets them… must be an age thing! She has the kids healtheries ones, so they’re in animal shapes!

    Enjoy the party!

  2. We do Vit C every morning in our house too – although they stopped making the ones the kids liked so they just eat one grown up one now! So cool that your house sold so quickly – mind you it looks so lovely that I’m not really surprised someone wanted it. Gas is so great for cooking – anytime I have to cook anywhere else it shocks me how slow normal cooktops are! So you are waiting on Melissa and…..? I was super excited to see the lovely wee gals arrive in the last week too. Hope you have have a fab party and no one finds a spoon in the mudcake 😛

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