Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ keeping a house clean and clear with two small children is an exercise of military precision.

~ our baby is almost one. Um – craaaaazy!

~ our house is cleaner than when we first moved in, and it’s sad to think it’s taken putting it on the market to get it this way!

~ I find the smell of Mr Muscle glass cleaner quite delightful.

~ sneezing while driving is a hazardous experience.

~ lifting heavy boxes the day after a deep tissue massage is a bit like flushing money down the toilet.

~ ‘Time Out’ is a fantastic name for a paint colour.

~ I have four pregnant friends who are all due about now, and every morning, I am excitedly hopeful that there will be news of a new little bubba.


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I love random thoughts posts. Totally with you on the military ops home front – all that experience in basic training stands me in good stead for Sat morning cleaning rosters too 🙂

  2. Kids and cleaning – dont mix! Just vacuumed after a birthday lunch-party and i hadn’t even put the nozzle down and it was crumbs all round again! how do they do it?? entertaining thoughts 🙂

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