Tales of Travel: the NZ series

I have been fortunate enough to have explored a fair chunk of New Zealand during my lifetime, and there are very few areas I am yet to see.

Until I was about eight years old, we often camped in Te Anau, until my parents built a small crib in a little village in Central Otago. From that moment, every school holiday (both my parents were primary school teachers) was spent in Central, with summers by the lake, and winters hunkering down inside with the pot belly stove roaring.

One summer, a then-boyfriend, his parents and I travelled by campervan from Dunedin – almost the bottom of the south – to Te Kao – almost the top of the north. We visited Cape Reinga, and on the return to the South Island, we decided we should complete our trip with a visit to Bluff.

Tall’s family are from South Taranaki, so I have spent much time in that part of the country. The summer I was pregnant with Pickle, we went road tripping around the South Island, visiting new and vaguely-remembered spots; exactly a year ago, we took our last just-the-three-of-us holiday to the Catlins.

I have been from one end of the country to the other…almost – I am yet to visit Stewart Island. However, these little feet of mine are forever itchy, so I’m sure I’ll get there one day.

I’m going to relive some of the adventures I/we have had in this beautiful little country, so bear with me as I delve deep into my memory banks, and come up with some shockingly-embarrassing photos from the past!


One thought on “Tales of Travel: the NZ series

  1. Look forward to seeing some of your beautiful country …we are visiting in 2 weeks..eeek can’t wait ..we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. xxx

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