This Little Space

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit lost in this little space, with very little desire to write, and a feeling akin to grief over losing my way with what I want this little plot o’ land to be.

I’ve taken a step back, and have spent some time thinking about where to from here – as well as some time not thinking about this space at all, which has been a bit like chicken soup for my interweb-soul.

What it all comes down to is why I started this blog…and I’m still not 100% sure of the answer to that. It began as an outlet for me, a space that was mine to do with what I pleased. I don’t know when it became something else, but I do know that if I don’t want to spend time in my own space, how can I expect others to?

So. In the early hours of a recent morning (an aside: teething+cold+goopy eyes+sore tummy = very unhappy Pickle), I made a plan.

A plan for bringing this space back to where I want it to be. A space I want to create, a space I want others to visit, a space I hope will be a reflection on me and my life.

I’m getting back to basics. See those pages up there ^^? The ones about travel, books, food and yoga? That is what this space is about for me. That’s what I’m passionate about. That’s what interests me, inspires me, defines me.

And my boys, of course. My three handsome blue ones. I’ll post about them too, because they are the most interesting, inspiring, defining things in my life.

I’m feeling re-invigorated, and my interest in blogging is slowly re-kindling. I’ve got a handle of the changes happening in our life, and I’m feeling good about wanting to be blogging again.

Thank you to the lovelies who took the time to send me little messages of support about feeling so blah about the whole thing – they really meant so much xxx


9 thoughts on “This Little Space

  1. It must be in the air – this reassessment and getting back to basics. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Glad to hear that you are focusing on your interests and that you are getting your inspiration back.
    Yay for you!

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