The Chair: 11 Months Old

One month until the big ONE!

One month until the big ONE!

At 11 months, Pickle:

~ loves to wave hello and good-bye, and thinks shaking anything (especially when told, “shake shake shake”) is hilarious

~ gets excited about towers to knock down, hiding objects in drawers or under things, and seeing his Daddy at the end of the day

~ has six teeth: three on the top, three on the bottom

~ can push backwards on his tummy and lift his bum to rock…but is still not crawling. He can also wriggle about on his bottom, but it isn’t bum-shuffling yet, as the movements aren’t deliberate

~ breastfeeds at least four times during the day, and often three or four times during the night, despite being an eager eater of all things solid; he prefers to eat whatever is on my plate, and gets quite grumpy if I don’t share!

~ thinks his big brother is awesome-sauce, BUT is really starting to let Tiny know that he’s unhappy about him stealing his toys away

~ loves to stand and jolly-jump, bounce on someone’s lap, and hang upside down. He also loves to shriek, earsplittingly-so, which WE do NOT love :-/

~ weighs almost 10kg

~ loves to laugh and is proving to be a cheeky little man with a wickedly-wonderful sense of humour

Loving being Hiawatha...not so much a fox

Loving being Hiawatha…not so much a fox

(mask and headband courtesy of Stella and Heart Felt)

The Chair: 10 Months Old


4 thoughts on “The Chair: 11 Months Old

  1. Oh wow – 10kgs; at the 12 month weigh-in Ash was still 8.2kg (at the same time Lydia was 9.5kg), so they’re watching him closely (just got a fast metabolism, lucky boy – eats like a horse)!

    Pickle is SO cute :-)!

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