A Bit Meh

I’ve lost a bit of my blogging mojo recently. I came home from Around the Table brimming with ideas, but since then, I’ve not pursued anything and to be completely honest, I just don’t feel like it. 

Last time I felt a bit meh about blogging was when I was pregnant with Pickle….I’m not pregnant, so there’s obviously something else.


My babies xx

Life is getting more challenging with my two little men. Tiny is a busy kindy boy, and he’s hit the age where he is very determined and opinionated…and most of the time, his opinions are quite different from mine! Pickle isn’t yet on the move, but he’s needing more and more stimulation, and I’m finding that my blogging time isn’t as frequent as it used to be. I’m loving these stages that my boys are in (yes, really!), and it’s so important that I focus on them, because all too soon these precious days will be gone. These days that are busy and fun; the time I used to spend blogging is now spent playing, feeding, reading and entertaining.

I used to draft blog posts while feeding Pickle, but recently I haven’t been able to log in to wordpress on the iPad, and blogging on my phone is not ideal, so I haven’t been grabbing those moments anymore. I haven’t been commenting on a lot of my favourite blogs for this very reason, too – so if you haven’t heard from me in a while, I’m still visiting, and I’m loving your posts, really I am!

I’ve also been lucky enough to make some new friends recently, and I’m relishing play dates and visits with people who are lovely as mums, but also really interesting and lovely as individuals too. This equates to less time spent online, and more time fostering new relationships, and this is really important to me, because I know there will come a time when I decide to call it quits on blogging, and I don’t want to regret not having other things in my life to do. This isn’t a job for me – I don’t think I want to make money out of this blog – and I think I’ve been pushing myself away so I can get some distance from that feeling that it is.

Our first proper family photo - taken on Tiny's 3rd birthday, when Pickle was 9 months old! Shocking!!

Our first proper family photo – taken on Tiny’s 3rd birthday, when Pickle was 9 months old! Shocking!!

Another thought plaguing me is the name of my blog. When I began, there were three of us in this little family…now there are four and I can’t help feeling like my blog title should reflect that. But how?? I quite like the name of my blog, but I can’t see how I can incorporate “Pickle” into it the way it stands. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

I think I also got into a bit of a linky-party rut, and found that almost every entry was linking in with a(n awesome) link somewhere. This meant that my blog ceased to be my space, and I felt like I was writing it for other people, and not for me. Don’t get me wrong – I love the linkies I was joining in with, but right now, I’ve backed right off so I can reclaim my space and have a good, long think about why I blog, and for whom.

Alongside that comes the pressure of hosting my own linky – while I have always blogged about food, I’ve been posting begrudgingly recently, and I think it’s because I feel like I have to. However, blogging about all things food is one of the identifying features of my blog (of me!), so I won’t be giving that up any time soon!

Combine all of this with being very tired (Pickle wakes at least three times a night, often two-hourly, and will only go back to sleep in my arms), feeling like I’m wasting away (I’m still breastfeeding around seven times a day and am lighter than I’ve been in years), committing to my Forty Days of Yoga (which I’m loving!), and needing to keep up with the housework, and spend time with my husband…..something has to give a little, and it can’t be anything else right now.

IMG_2898Illustration by the gorgeous and talented Stella

Anyway…bear with me while I bring myself out of this blogging funk, while I figure out what this space means to me and why I’m here, and I promise I’ll be back soon, all sparkly and fresh xxx


16 thoughts on “A Bit Meh

  1. How bout “The Tall Short Tiny Pickle” – that will make people wonder and come over for a visit 🙂
    I get where you are coming from. I was hugely inspired at Around the Table but came home and couldn’t find the time to put my ideas into action and my blogging seems to have taken a back seat lately….it’s only afternoons like this when Mr Mischief has a 2 hour nap (irtually unheard of these days) that I get around to writing a post or two.
    Best wishes for whatever you decide to do. I enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  2. No ideas re a blog title sorry – I hear what you are saying about feeling meh I think there were lots of people who had an array of different emotions.

    Do what you need to do that works for you and your family – they grow up so so fast . . . .

  3. Totally get ya, seems like lots of people have been feeling like this! Just dont stop checking your emails k? haha. And I’ve heard HEAPS of people say the same thing about hosting their own linkies, takes the fun out of it huh? Thats why i dont like to commit to blog things hehe

  4. Totally get the ‘meh’ thing – still struggling through it; and so there on the lack of time as well… now Lydia is not sleeping during the day, and Ash is moving; there is very little time and by the evenings I am exhausted and not really up to much at all! I am also not commenting much these days, but still reading…

  5. Oh Ange, dont sweat it 🙂 am hearing and feeling you! It should not be a job, so give it time. Lots of people feel like this… Mojos come and they go… Life keeps going on and we have to live it! Good luck, we’ll be here when you feel up to it x

  6. I’ll still read along no matter how often or not you are posting. Yeah, I hear ya re the blog title thing – hard when you’re in a season and then the season changes and you don’t want to reinvent your whole blog…imagine if we decided to have another kiddy (still not likely) I couldn’t name them anything but M or N otherwise how would MNM’s still work? Ha ha. And yes I get the pressure of the linky thing but luckily for me Things I’m Loving is always an easy post to write (easier than any others) and it’s something I always look forward to in my week…but I’d say just go with the ebb and flow for now. To everything there is a season xx

  7. You have a lot going on…great to foster real life community and lifestyle….blogging should just be an added bonus but never a chore I think,. Take care of yourself. x

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