Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ one of my contact lenses is tinted vaguely grey, so I can see it floating around in the soaking solution. The other? Bright blue. I’ve asked numerous people if this translates to my eyes appearing to be different colours, and they’ve all said no. Am I bovvered? Nope.

~ I was recently reminded of a pen pal I used to write to: a young American lad by the name of Nathan. Nathan was cuuuuute, and I had 16-year-old dreams that one day we’d meet and he’d fall in love with me (massive glasses and all). He once sent a letter covered in drawings of the Confederate flag, with a line I’ve never forgotten: “One of my friends is a [horrid word I don’t want to type] but I hate black people.” I stopped writing to him after that.

~ even the most polite of children seem to find farts extremely funny.

~ I love cherries and look forward to Christmas and over-indulging in the fruit, but I can’t stand anything cherry flavoured. Cherry Ripes? Bleurgh. Schwarzwelderkirschtorte? I shudder at the thought. Same with coffee – love to drink the stuff, but hate to eat it.

~ I’ve made lots of new friends recently and it’s been lovely. So lovely. They know who they are. YOU’RE LOVELY!!


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I love your random thoughts. I had penpals too, I love penpals! Ahhhh the days before the internet. But your penpal sounds …. I have no words to describe him. Glad you pen-dumped him!


  2. ouch that is a terrible thing to write – I often think how much our children pick up our attitudes to people all the time, the things we say have a lasting impact on their values. I so hold that, even when we are talking about people who do very bad things – I still want them to know I inherently believe ALL people are precious and valuable and worthwhile.

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