Reading and Reviewing

Last time we spoke, I was making my way through The Tree of Man, by Patrick White. Well, I finished it, and I loved it. There were a couple of chapters three-quarters of the way through that saw my interest wane a little, but then it picked right back up again. You can read my glowing review of it on 1001 Books to Read Before You Die.

Speaking of 1001 Books…if you’re a reader, and have read any of the books on the list, or fancy reading any of the books on the list, could you be convinced to write us a review?? It doesn’t have to be scholarly and it doesn’t even need to be a glowing review (for instance, you can read about how much I didn’t like Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad!). If you’re at all interested, flick us an email. We’d be forever grateful!

I’m currently reading Wild Sheep Chase, another Haruki Murakami novel. Loving it so far, although I am preparing for the moment when I suddenly find myself thinking, “Whaaaaat? I don’t get what’s going ooooooon!”, like I did when reading Kafka on the Shore. This doesn’t stop me from enjoying it though; the anticipation merely adds to the experience.

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