Musings on my Yoga Mission

Today is Day 8 of my Forty Days of Yoga.

I was already feeling pretty good about how I was going, but now I have extra motivation: my friend with MS.

She’s trying to lose a little weight and keep herself fit and healthy, but has lost the motivation. Her partner is less-than-supportive, and as we were talking about what she could do, I mentioned Forty Days of Yoga and how one of my main allies is Tall. He is my motivator, my (nice) bully, and my supporter, all rolled into one. She sighed and said, “I need someone like you to motivate me,” and immediately, I responded, “I can do that for you.”

We sat down and worked out an exercise schedule for her (she likes to have things planned), and I was able to apply the Forty Days of Yoga principles to her chosen form of exercise. She’s starting today, and my role is to send her a text every time I get onto my mat; we’re going to remind each other, and be accountable to someone other than ourselves and our partners, which is an important part of this process. We all know that we can fool and justify to ourselves, but no one wants to let someone else down!

Part of the challenge is also to keep a journal. It’s a way of recording how I feel each day when I get on the mat, what I do when I’m there, and anything else that is pertinent to the whole challenge. Rather than bore you all with posting daily updates, I’ve added a page up there ^^^; if you want to follow along and see how I’m doing, I’ll be updating it regularly.

I’ve also been posting a daily photo to Instagram, which I may or may not continue, depending on how many postures I can take photos of! As I go on, I should be able to contort myself into some strange shapes… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Musings on my Yoga Mission

    • Hi! I start with sun salutations and basic standing postures, then the rest depends on how I feel and how much time I have. I’ve been mixing it up, playing around with what I know and trying to re-train the body! Are you thinking of doing something similar?? 🙂

      • Well, I’ve tried several forms of yoga over the past 12 years, most recently Yin Yoga thru Hot FlownYoga inCHCH, but have also done, Iyengar, Hathaway & Ashtanga. Think I’ve decided that Ashtanga is what I should be doing. I’m at the stage where I should have a daily practice, and be vegetarian, but have commitment issues! I have managed 6 days of 5 sun salutations a’s and 2 days of sun salutation a &b Early morning seems to work best for me

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