The Chair: 10 Months Old


Our big 10-month-old! Craaaaazy!

At 10 months, Pickle:

~ has just learned to clap (“paki paki”) and will bang his hands on the nearest object (table, floor, toy) on command

~ loves to play peek-a-boo, especially when hiding himself (although he’s so eager to be found that we often don’t get a chance to say, “Where’s…” before he’s shown himself)

~ has five teeth (two on the top, three on the bottom)

~ can push himself onto all fours, and rocks back and forth, but is more likely to go backwards and is a long way off crawling yet

~ will look at Daddy and his brother when asked where they are. Me? I’m just that nameless entity that just “is” right now!

~ has started to ask for “muh” when eating

~ is still a voracious (and often ferocious!) breastfeeder who shows no signs of dropping any feed (which is just fine by me)

~ loves to laugh, especially when watching Daddy tickling his brother

~ has a very erratic sleep pattern at night; some nights he wakes once, other nights he wakes three or four times. Sigh.

~ still smiles openly at people, and is very social around other children and babies

The Chair: 9 Months Old


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