Around the Table and Back Again

This is a post I’ve been reluctant to begin (despite having ideas and words swirling around my head since arriving in Christchurch on Friday afternoon) purely because it means a most anticipated event has now been and gone. Ever since I first caught wind of Around the Table, I’ve been hanging out for it, hanging out to meet loads of lovely people I’ve stalked gotten to know through their blogs.

Illustration by the gorgeous Stella

And now the weekend has been and gone, and my memory bank and happy tanks are full. Full of superb conversations, beautiful and friendly faces, haunting and emotional sights, warm and welcoming hugs.

Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral

Christchurch’s Cardboard Cathedral

185 Empty Chairs Memorial

185 Empty Chairs Memorial

There were so many women I was excited about meeting. The most brilliant part was that most of these lovelies exceeded my expectations of what they’d be like (including being even more gorgeous in real life!), and every time I spoke to them I was inspired by their sheer awesomeness.

And surprised when virtually everyone I met said they thought I’d be taller! Just so you know, I’m 5’2″.


Loved meeting these two. LOVED it. LOVED them. Photo pilfered from Meghan.


Meghan and her gorgeous curls came to play for the weekend. Photo pilfered from Meghan.

There were a handful of moments where I felt slightly overwhelmed (60+ women in one room? You know that’s gonna get craaaaazy.), but none where I truly felt out-of-my-depth. I may have been a little shy when it came to speaking to some people, but I had so many interesting and varied chats with others. There were some people I’d have loved to spend more time with (Deb – the world’s most amazing hugger, seriously – and Talia spring instantly to mind here), but it was never going to be easy getting enough time with everyone.

I even learned some stuff, and came away brimming with ideas and plans and hopes and new knowledge.

C1 Cafe Christchurch

C1 Cafe: seriously good coffee, seriously good Eggs Bene

On Sunday, after breakfast at C1, the others climbed to the roof to enjoy the view. In the sudden silence, with a sleeping baby in my arms, I took a moment to let it all sink in.

What a weekend.

A huge THANK YOU to the lovelies who made it all happen – Juliet, Miriam, Sophie and Treena-Marie – and an especial thank you from Pickle to Melissa and Leonie for all their lovely cuddles (and from me, for a little bit of breathing space!) xxxx


“But I don’t want to leeeeeeeeave!”

And and extra thank you to Sophie….lovely, adorable, beautiful, genuine, generous, amazing Sophie….thank you for opening your home to us and for making us feel like we were stepping into the home of old friends. You are a true gem xxxx


Sigh. Sophie. Adorable.


24 thoughts on “Around the Table and Back Again

  1. Lovely post! So great to read how much fun you had! It’s a little wild when any group of woman over 5 come together! The more, the crazier! Also why is “stalked” striked through? πŸ˜‰ Stalking is a way of life now! πŸ˜›

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