Product Review and *Giveaway*: Penny Scallan Design


Packing for a weekend away. Every parent’s worst nightmare. Do you take one big suitcase for everyone’s stuff? A bag each? One bag for the adults and one for the kids? Shoes in one bag, undies in another?? Aaaaaaargh!

This Easter, Penny Scallan made that decision very easy for us, by sending one of their Sleepover Bags for us to review.

IMG_2652The only decision they couldn’t help with was which child’s belongings to pack in the bag, but as it arrived on Tiny’s birthday, he decided it was most definitely his. But fear not! Pickle will get his chance to use it soon when he accompanies me to a very important gathering in Christchurch.

When you’re packing for an unreliably-just-potty-trained three-year-old, you need to pack a lot of stuff. Luckily, the Sleepover Bags are Tardis-like in their capacity, and we managed to fit all of Tiny’s things, plus a big bag of wipes and 15 disposable nappies for the baby, with no trouble.

IMG_2716IMG_2720We also discovered that there’s plenty of room to fit an average-sized nine-month-old baby. And his naughty three-year-old brother’s foot. Hello again, Time Out.

IMG_2657IMG_2663Aside from the sheer cuteness of these bags, they are BPA free, lightweight yet durable, with an easy wipe clean outer surface. They come with a detachable shoulder strap, which will come in very handy when Tiny is big enough to carry the bag to his first proper sleepover.

With that in mind, these bags look to be the perfect size for carrying all the required sleepover paraphernalia. There’s an inner mesh pocket for the much needed post-midnight-snack toothbrush, an outer pocket for the ghost-story-telling torch, and plenty of room inside for a sneaky hitch-hiking teddy bear. And with a bag tag you can personalise…there’s no chance of a mate swiping your bag!

***For your chance to win the Sleepover Bag of your choice, leave a comment on this post telling me which design you’d choose for yourself your little one***

(Giveaway closes at 5pm, Wednesday 10 April; the winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email) ***COMPETITION NOW CLOSED***

We also received a Big City Collectable Box, which Tiny also claimed as his own and promptly filled with race cars and other assorted vehicular treasures.

IMG_2644The box is made from thick, hard-wearing cardboard, with a sturdy metal clasp and handle, and is reminiscent of a little suitcase. It’s pretty tough, having travelled more than 600km in a few days, but it will not stand up to being thrown around by a misbehaving three-year-old.

Ahem. Apparently.

IMG_2626The box contains two wooden cars and a wooden pull-back truck, with a small cardboard road. Tiny loved that his new treasure box came with treasures already in it, and I loved that the vehicles were wooden, not plastic.

IMG_2630I had plans to display it on one of the shelves in Tiny’s room…and now that he’s cracked the hinge, I think it will definitely be a display item instead of a play item.

Lesson learned by me, on your behalf. You’re welcome.

For more Penny Scallan product reviews and giveaways, check out these brilliant, brilliant posts by Miriam, Meghan and Leonie; or follow Penny Scallan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

(Penny Scallan provided these items for review, but the opinions expressed are all my own.)


56 thoughts on “Product Review and *Giveaway*: Penny Scallan Design

  1. Love it Ange – love that the 3 year old was ENTHUSIASTIC about the products too. 3 year old enthusiasm aye?? I would love another overnight bag then we’d both have one :o) Still probably I should be mature and let someone else win……??

  2. Oh they are adorable!
    If it were for my little Miss it would probably be the matryoshka doll because it is pink and the closest to Princesses. 😉
    If it were for my little Mr it would be the lovely blue one that your wee man has.

    I am so tempted by the art smocks too. Oh you are so naughty… I can see a chunk of money flowing out of my wallet in due course… 😀

  3. Hahaha, Bags being stepped in, boxes being thrown – looks like you did a quality test too! hehehe.

    Er, how cute are the apples?? Yeah, think I would def. go apples!

  4. Great review and thanks for the chance to win. If I was picking for myself I’d definitely go for Juicy Apple but given it’s supposed to be for a child I think Mr Mischief’s preference would be the Big City print 🙂

  5. I love Chirpy Bird for my great granddaughter hopefully her mother and father will love it she is due at the end of April but it would be lovely to put away when she is older

  6. I would definitely pick the “chirpy bird”! My daughters nursery is decorated with little birdies 🙂

  7. Wow I Just love these Very Cute Bags. So hard to Choose but I think my Little Boy would love the Navy Star.

  8. love love love the bags – my little girls would love the chirpy bird one. hope i win! love your blog too. thanks, shannon

  9. I would love a Juicy Apple bag to take on the plane for my little girl later in the month.What great looking bags!

  10. Gorgeous looking bags and I think my little one would just love Babs to take to and from her Nanna’s and child care. So well designed!

  11. A little lady can never have too many bags (just like her mummy!) I would pick the adorable Juicy Apple design.

  12. I love them all, though I will pick the Stars pattern as my favourite. Nothing like feeling like a star when you sleepover!

  13. Sheesh- asking a Libran to make a decision between those gorgeous bags! But I think I have finally narrowed it down to the Chirpy Bird design. Pretty sure…..

  14. Would have to be the navy star, as my little man is the star of my life and he’ll think the world of stars of me if I won him this!

  15. I have a little two year old who is obsessed with birds (birdies) so I would love to win the Chirpy Bird design for her.

  16. Chirpy Bird for us, I have 2 girls who are Chirpy Birds them selves, always chirping to one another they love role/pretend play

  17. Ohhh looks like like I got in just in time… I was just popping over here to tell you that you have won my cherry top rewards chart giveaway! Hopefully some of your good luck will rub off on me! I’m finding it really hard to decide… the apples is probably my fav design, but possibly my son is more in the need of a bag than my daughter in which case I’d probably go for the design you’ve chosen or the stars…. OR just get the apples for me and use as a hospital bag for meeeee when I have this baby soon (that is if I win of course!)…. decisions, decisions!


  18. I’d choose the Babs because the little babusha key chain on it is so good! Plus the pattern is bright and colourful and my girls would never forget which bag is theirs. So cute!

  19. I love the Apple Bag. Both my grandchildren could use it because of the unisex design. They could use it for skeepovers at grans!

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