On Turning Three

IMG_2107My favourite colour “is green. I like green the best. Orange is Aunty Julia’s favourite.”

I like to “eat cornflakes for breakfast. My favourite thing to have for dinner is teddy bears [pasta] with pesto. Daddy likes teddy bears too.”

I love to “play with this car and these cars.” [shows two new wooden cars]

I want to be “um…Iron Man when I grow up. With my mask on and my helmet on.” [proceeds to run around the lounge pretending to fly and such]

When Daddy is at work “he doesn’t work at his work. He does. Um um um. I know. He runs and gets his hammer and goes bang bang bang. He’s building a house.” [Tall is a Product Design Engineer. He does not build houses.]

At kindy, I like to “I’m busy playing with Mr Potato right now.” [long pause] “I don’t like it when the other kids play with the toys.” [after a little prompting] “I like to do nothing at kindy.” [Right. Let’s give up on this one then]

My favourite thing to do at home is “to make a lego train with lots of blocks on it.”

My favourite book is “about the Little Red Train.” [races off to bring the story which is called ‘Runaway Train’]

I love “Henry.” [proceeds to play “Where is Henry?” with his little brother. Be still my beating heart! Did he really just say that, on his own, unprompted?? Man, this kid is COOL!]

Baby boy. Can I still call you that? I still find myself calling you “Bubba” at times, but you always tell me you’re not a baby, you’re a boy.

You certainly are. You love cars and trucks and trains and planes; all my efforts to steer you towards gender-neutral toys and play are useless – the blue runs strong in your veins, my boy.

You are so busy, so bouncy, so energetic, but you are also quite content to sit, to do quiet activities, to amuse yourself.

You are almost never silent. From the moment you wake up, you are talking, talking, talking. I love listening to you as you narrate your life; every day when Daddy comes home, I have some new and hilarious things to tell him about what you’ve said throughout the day. You’ve just started making up and telling your own stories, which are so fun to listen to.

Watching you with your baby brother melts my heart, my gentle boy. You love to give him cuddles and make him giggle. Sometimes, you push things a bit far, but most of the time, you are the best big brother in the whole wide world. Your little brother loves you so much, and he is desperate to play with you; he watches you so keenly all the time, and misses you when you’re not around.

Your Daddy and I are so proud of how well you have adjusted to going to kindy this year. From the first day, you settled in with such a natural ease, which made leaving you there painless for me. Your teachers say you’re a delight, and that they can see a bright, content little man emerging. You’re starting to play with the other kids, but prefer to play alongside them right now. You’ll get there, though.

You have the most infectious laugh, and a great sense of humour; when you throw  tantrums, they don’t last long and you are easily distracted out of them, with giggles soon to follow. You are stubborn like your Daddy, but generous and kind, and so, so loving. Yes, you have your moments, but you are still so little (yes, you are still little!), and you are learning, learning, learning, all the time.

0Days2Three years ago, you changed our lives forever, and showed us what it meant to truly love unconditionally, wholly, purely.

Happy birthday, big baby boy. Now you are three. WOW!


(Read Tiny’s Birth Story (in three parts) and see photos from his birthday party)


6 thoughts on “On Turning Three

  1. I really must stop reading your posts at work! They always bring a tear to my eye as they are so beautifully written, then I have to hide the sniffing & dabbing eyes with tissues 🙂

    Happy birthday Tiny. What a wonderful little man you are growing up to be x

  2. Awww – happy birthday little man (and just so you feel better – I still call Button ‘Baby’ and ‘Bubba’, which up until she has embraced, but just recently she has finally started to disagree with us)!

    I hope he has had a really lovely birthday… what a sweetheart! I am sure he and Button would get on well, being so close in age and both having little brothers to love on :-)!

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