Fun with Food: Partying Like a Three-Year-Old

You should have been here on Sunday morning. Things were getting craaaaaaazy up in here.

IMG_2609It was loud. That loudness that comes only from 10 children (aged seven months to three years) playing noisily alongside each other, occasionally interacting with the old snatch-and-protest.

The adults, thankfully, were much better behaved. They were content to chat and have a drink, to eat the morning tea we’d provided, relax.

IMG_2611I decided to keep things simple this year. No cupcakes, no Tiny Teddy race cars, no smiley-face pizzas or pinwheel scones.

IMG_2613 I made sandwiches (cheese and carrot, cheese and pineapple, ham and relish) and lemonade, garishly brightly iced animal biscuits and popcorn.

IMG_2607IMG_2594And a race car cake, complete with a stack of tyres and three fondant cars.

IMG_2605One of which had teeth marks in it.

I briefly wondered about fixing the car, but by then, I was over it. Besides, it was pretty funny, so we decided to leave it as was.

By some miracle, we didn’t end up with a thousand dried-up leftovers we felt compelled to eat. There wasn’t even much cake left, which is the best bit, because no matter how good birthday cake is, by day six, everyone has had enough bl**dy cake.

I think I’ll try and embrace the less-is-more philosophy for all the birthday parties from now on. Less stress, less wastage, less expensive.

And honestly, the kids didn’t even notice how much food was there – they came to play with different toys, and they came for cake.

Fun with Food
Fun with Food is a way for you to share your foodie (mis)adventures with other people. You don’t have to be a superb cook, or produce Masterchef-quality plates of food; this will be a place to share new and favourite recipes, meal plans, cooking on a budget, lunchbox ideas, new products, kitchen successes and disasters (because we all have those!) and maybe some handy tips for getting fussy kids to eat their dinner!

The linky will open on a Tuesday and stay open for a week, so I hope you’ll share your kitchen adventures, and be inspired by what other people are doing in the heart of their homes.

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10 thoughts on “Fun with Food: Partying Like a Three-Year-Old

  1. Awesome Ange! I love the simplicity and you are right – kids have just as much fun whether it is elaborate or completely low-key. We will definitely be going for that option this year – as much as I loved all the fun of preparing for the rainbow party – it was a HUGE effort – not something I’d want to do again in a hurry!

  2. A wonderful party!!!
    I made the tiny teddy race cars for Yvies party and they were a hit with both the kids and the adults! But took way longer than I expected to make

  3. those bite marks are wonderful – it will be the most remembered cake ever – ‘remember mummy when I put the bite marks in my cake?’ ‘No…. I thought it was Daddy who did that’ He will LOVE hearing this story again and again at school..promise!

  4. Looks marvellous! Love Birthdays but certainly not up for the whole hog every-time! Fun, family, friends, live and laughter are what matter most 🙂

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