The Chair: 9 Months Old

At 9 months, Pickle:

~ has four teeth, lots of dribble, and swollen gums…poor little guy isn’t get much of a break from teeth coming through, but he’s coping very well (no pamol, very little Weleda teething powder…and the amber necklace is broken).

~ weighs 8.8kg and measures 70cm long. Average. And, spookily – virtually identical to his brother, who was 0.08kg heavier and the same length at the same age! I could have sworn Tiny was shorter and chubbier, but apparently not.

~ still wakes one, two or three times a night, and has discovered that sleeping next to mum in the spare bed is rather awesome. Pity that the spare bed is too soft for me, and I wake up with aching hips, but better that than a husband who is a zombie at work.

~ still shows no signs of moving, either crawling or bum-shuffling. His brother started bum-shuffling at nine months, so he’s obviously just as happy to sit as Tiny was. He can spin around on his bum and tum, so it could go either way – and whatever method he chooses, I’m sure he’ll get pretty fast pretty quick!

~ goes nuts at the mention and sight of pears, whether tinned or fresh. He LOVES them, and can be yelling his head off, desperate to get out of the highchair, but will calm right down and shout excited, “Dah!”s when he sees them. Tinned peaches elicit a similar response, but pears are where it’s at.

~ gives big smiles to people he recognises.

~ loves going to kindy to pick up and drop off his brother. Because the kindy run is right at nap time, he can be a bit cranky, but as soon as he sees where we are, he perks up. Kindy is like pears.

~ gets really excited to see Daddy at the end of the day, and is very content to be in his company. I love seeing how both boys are clamouring for Tall’s attention when he gets in, it swells my heart.

~ is obsessed with my water bottle, a 1.5L plastic monstrosity that is, apparently, almost as good as – you guessed it – pears and kindy.

~ has been nicknamed “Squeak” by his Daddy, because he is a bit of a squeaker. He has a pretty good excited shriek of the glass-shattering kind.

~ is three-quarters of a year old! I don’t know whether I’m relieved or saddened by this, but I do know I’m really enjoying this inquisitive, delightful stage, and can see quite a similarity to his brother in terms of personality and temperament.

The Chair: 8 Months Old

How could I not link this little piece of my heart up with Meghan for



7 thoughts on “The Chair: 9 Months Old

    • You can have a good squish of those cheeks in just a few weeks!!
      The boys are looking more and more alike every day – people stop me in the supermarket to tell me that! And I was wondering if they were related – phew! Thanks for clearing that up 😉

  1. Can’t get over the likeness (even though I didn’t really know Tiny at the same age) – it’s no denying their brothers. And yep those cheeks are so kissable – what a happy wee guy xx

  2. SO SO SO adorable :-)! Gorgeous grin!!!!!!!!

    Much bigger than my boy, he was only 7.08kg at that age… just a wee one, still is!

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