Wardrobe Wednesday: those sleeves again

I know that most of New Zealand is desperate for more rain, but I am thoroughly enjoying this long hot summer we’ve been having. Yes, my vege garden is suffering a bit (although we have a pumpkin growing! A big, random, thank-you-compost pumpkin!), and parts of our lawn are looking a bit barren…but as I appear to be solar powered, I’ve been loving it.

IMG_2447I’m wearing top and skirt from Max, jandals by Havaianas, earrings from Colombia (a gift), bangles from H&M, sunglasses by Lacoste

I’ve been having fun getting lots of wear out of my summer wardrobe; there’s always something so final about those autumn days that call for cardigans and socks, and putting away my jandals is always a sad occasion.

WW1Last week we walked to kindy, and as I walked home, I enjoyed the silence (Pickle was asleep in the stroller), the heat, and the slight breeze that had the little chiffon scales of my sleeves fluttering against my skin like a hundred tiny butterflies.

IMG_2479I’m not 100% sure about the length of this skirt on me. I think it makes my legs look even shorter, and every so often I think about taking it up, but I never do – what do you reckon?

IMG_2480Tiny wears tee from John Lewis (a gift), shorts from Farmers, jandals by Oobi, grimace all his own :/

Pickle wears tee from JK, shorts from Pumpkin Patch, sock from JK, bib by Mum2Mum, hat by Purebaby.

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7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: those sleeves again

  1. Loving the long summer too and aren’t compost bin pumpkins always the most successful and tastiest!

    Re: the skirt I think I might be with you about shortening it a bit… but I’m also with you in that I have a couple that could do with it too and I haven’t got around to it either! Maybe it’s a job for winter (or we could pack them and plead assistance at the conference in Apr from all those crafters!). Thanks for linking up with WW!!!

  2. I think the fit of the top balances out the length in the skirt. I tend to wear mine knee length or above but I think the most important things is overall balance :0) and you look gorgeous as always x

  3. looking great! and pickles into a basket again I see! wont be long and he’ll be hanging out the washing!! ((Ive just trained milla to collect all the laundry piles and put them in the basket, heehee)

  4. Love all those action shots with Tiny :-)! Too cute… I have some of Button running like that recently also; reminds me how little she still is, not the Big Girl I think of most of the time :-)!

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