A Love Story: an epilogue of sorts

~ we started dating in July 2004. I moved into his testosterone-filled flat in 2006. I left for Australia in March 2007 and met up with him in London eight (loooooooooong) weeks later.

~ Tall surprised me with a proposal on Anzac Day, 2008, on a deserted beach in Sardinia. I had absolutely no idea it was coming, and was utterly blown away by his sneakiness. He chose my engagement ring, and although at the time I thought it might not be what I would have chosen, I love it so much because he chose it. And now I think it’s more perfect than anything I could have picked myself.

~ my parents helped us sort our wedding venues and caterer, but everything else was done from England. I had two weeks in Dunedin before the wedding; Tall had just one. We don’t do things in a simple way!

~ my ex-boyfriend is now engaged to a lovely girl, and I’m very happy he found someone who is a much better fit for him than I ever was. I wouldn’t say we’re friends, but when we see each other, we’re able to chat normally. He is the ex-brother-in-law of my bestie, so we were always going to bump into each other occasionally.

~ the friend who liked Tall is now happily married with two lovely wee children. Our friendship was strained – almost non-existent – for a while, but now everything is fine. She came to our wedding, we went to her wedding, and I’m pleased to say everything is just peachy there.

(You can start the entire story here, if you missed it)


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