Dressing for Date Night

Last week, Tall and I celebrated four years of marriage with a lovely home-cooked meal, followed the next evening with dinner out.

It was our first proper date since before Pickle was born…when we went out for our third wedding anniversary. It’s a sad state of affairs, especially when we’re lucky enough to have babysitters (ie: my parents) living five minutes away, but when you’re breastfeeding an unpredictable little person, date nights become something of a distant memory.



I spoke to my sister the afternoon of our date, and she asked if I was going to wear a skirt. I hadn’t decided, but told her I’d definitely wear heels.

I ended up wearing both.

I even managed to straighten my hair (and realise how desperately I need a trim), put on a bit of make up, and pull together a pretty acceptable outfit in a short period of time (because of course, that was the night Pickle decided not to be asleep by 7pm, and I was still shushing him in his room twenty minutes before our 8pm reservation).



Tall complimented me and told me I looked “very nice”, which I gladly accepted…but he was outdone by Tiny, whose eyes widened when I entered the lounge, where he gasped, “Look at YOU, mummy!”


Heels…little ones, but still heels

I almost cried…but that would have made my mascara run, and we really had to leave. Not even three, and he already knows how to make the ladies swoon!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Doll House
Shoes: Platino
Bracelet: Esteem Jeweellery
Earrings: Etsy
Rings: wedding band and engagment ring from England

(I wore the same jewellery the day we were married…and for two out of our four anniversaries, I’ve also worn my bridal underwear. The two I haven’t…I was pregnant!)

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10 thoughts on “Dressing for Date Night

  1. Wow….looking stunning – it’s so nice to make an effort from time to time – and I love how little people (little boys especially) know how to make their mama’s hearts soar xx

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