Fun with Food: Roasting Green Coffee Beans

We like to drink coffee.

I take mine strong and black; Tall likes a flat white with one sugar. For his first Father’s Day, I bought him a bench-top coffee machine. It’s nothing fancy, but it makes a pretty darn good coffee.

Come to our house, and you won’t find a jar of instant in our pantry. Sorry, but your coffee won’t be ready in two minutes…and your milk will be frothed at a temperature of exactly roughly 60deg.

We normally buy pre-roasted beans from Mazagran, Dunedin’s finest coffee house – their Kick Ass and Yirgacheffe beans are fantastic – but they’re not cheap, and they don’t last long enough. Buying the beans green costs a fraction of the pre-roasted cost; 1kg costs as little as $17…compare that to your local supermarket or café, and you’ll be planning how to spend the difference.

Tall came home from work one day and said he’d been roasting beans at work. He said we should try it. I said okay.

And we did.

I ordered four 250g samples from Global Coffee (who sell Fair Trade beans, hurrah!), and just a few days later, they were here.

IMG_2364Using a chip tray with fine holes (placed directly on the middle oven rack), we roasted the first batch of Kenyan beans for nine minutes at 225degC.

Afterwards, Tall used my hairdryer to blow cold air on the beans to cool them down and remove the husks, and we were left with beautiful medium roasted beans. You can also use a popcorn maker for the roasting, if you have one that has enough air circulating through it.

image1The first cup weren’t as strong as expected, but the flavour developed over time (which is counter-intuitive, really, as freshly ground beans are usually much stronger), and the second cup was gooooood. We’ve decided that the optimum time to roast the beans is 24 hours before you want to grind them.

IMG_1037The fun thing about roasting green beans is that you can create your own blends and experiment with degrees of roasting, essentially making your coffee experience more complete. If you’re a bit of a coffee snob lover, then give it a try – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

(This article on coffee roasting is really interesting – especially the part about the beans ‘cracking’ – and well-worth the read if you’re even a little bit tempted by this idea.)

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7 thoughts on “Fun with Food: Roasting Green Coffee Beans

  1. Awesome! I think hubby wants to use our popcorn maker to roast some beans. I work in a cafe and the beans we get from our supplier are left for around a week after roast before they are dispatched to develop their flavour. They are bagged straight away though.

  2. yum! that’s the kick ass coffee you sent me!!
    I finally wrote a post to link up but it wont work for me, my PC is having a tanty tonight so if you get a chance could you possibly add it in for me?
    cheers 🙂

  3. ooh, i like the idea of this, my husband is a coffee addict (i’m partial to decaf myself) i’m sure he’d love a home roasted batch…

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