Good Things in a Jar

IMG_2425I saw this idea on Pinterest earlier in the year and thought it looked like something fun to do with Tiny. I’d forgotten about until now, however; discussing a visit from Nana and Pops suddenly brought it to mind.

It couldn’t have been easier to make.

Take one large jar. Make sure it’s clean on the inside. Rummage through your craft supplies for a scrap of paper, something pretty to embellish, and a black pen. Stick your paper to the jar with glue or tape; attach your pretty thing in the same way. Write “Good Things” on the paper.

IMG_2423Voilà. You’ve made a Good Things jar.

Now the fun part – thinking of good things to put in your jar.

I sat down with Tiny to talk about all the good things that have happened this year so far. It took a little while for him to get the idea, but with some gentle coaxing, we managed to write down a handful of good things that have happened in 2013 thus far.

Being almost-three, the first good thing he came up with was the new “fire engine and trailer and rescue boat” Nana bought him at the airport. I wrote it down, and into the jar it went, then I gently suggested that perhaps the visit from his grandparents was also a good thing. He agreed, and suggested that visits from Grandma and Grandad are good too.

IMG_2430With more subtle encouragement, he thought of half a dozen good things to go in the jar. We decided that seeing Pickle can’t talk (and his list would be boob-based anyway), we were allowed to think of good things for him, such as learning to sit, and getting teeth.

I think we’ll write down “good things” at the end of each month, which will give Tiny a good opportunity to stretch that little memory; it will also be interesting to see how his view of things changes over the year. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to talk about what’s been happening with my biggest boy, as another way of having one-on-one time together.

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3 thoughts on “Good Things in a Jar

  1. Fab idea and how lovely it will be to go back and read them all at the end of the year 🙂
    Great to see your Emma Makes goodies arrived too 🙂

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