This Week…

…there’s been fun (and ten minutes peace!) with pegs,

IMG_2325 beautiful packages tied up with ribbon,

BETSD7SCIAE3-JA.jpg largeplum syrup (made from plums generously shared by this lovely lady),

IMG_2365ripening tomatoes (finally!),

IMG_2367green coffee beans for roasting,

IMG_2364a date night in (to celebrate four years of wedded bliss),

IMG_2370and a date night out (the first date in a year!).


Please note the blue lump on my lower shin…dropped a plate of meatballs early in the week…hello, bruise, hello.

There’s also been a first birthday party to attend, Pickle’s first trip to the pool (where he wasn’t fussed on the water, but thought the shower afterwards was hilarious), an impromptu dinner with my parents, and an unexpected visit from my brother.

The weekend has gone by far too quickly, but it has left me happy, smiling and satisfied.
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7 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. So much to love! I did the same with a whole lot of black doris plums – froze ice cubes and am having them on my breakfast each morning – now I have been given a whole lot of peaches and more plums to deal to too! Phew. Love the lovely pair of pegs (legs) in the bottom shot – but ouchie to your bruise. Your date night in looks lush – your chairs look just like ours! Interested to hear how the coffee beans turned out after their roasting?! Also we are loving cherry toms at our place – we have been harvesting like crazy for the past month or so…best year yet! Have a happy week my friend xx

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