The Chair: 8 Months Old


8 months old…

At 8 months, Pickle:

~ sits with the nicest posture, and really doesn’t like to be horizontal if he can help it

~ loves playing with his toys and has discovered the joys of banging two things together

~ likes pegs – to play with and to chomp

~ is developing quite an appetite, and seems to like everything put in front of him. He’s getting much more coordinated with finger foods, but likes the speed of spoon feeding best

~ has three teeth, with the fourth swelling his upper gum severely

~ still wakes once or twice for a milky drink in the night

~ has started to use his “mumumum” and “mama” only when he wants or needs me, which gives me warm fuzzies. He has also started to look at his daddy when I ask, “where’s daddy?”

~ can wiggle on his tummy but has only just started to push up with his arms. Looks like we’ll have another late mover on our hands (phew!)

The Chair: 7 Months Old

Linking up with Meg because I love this little man



8 thoughts on “The Chair: 8 Months Old

  1. These little reminders will be fun for him to look back on one day and see all his little milestones…oh good for you to when you can’t remember how small he once was. xx

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