A Busy Week

Last week was our first “proper” kindy week, with Tiny attending three afternoons in a row. I was half expecting him to be reluctant to go back, but on Monday, he asked if he could go to kindy, and was disappointed when I told him it was tomorrow.

We had a nice day at home instead, tidying up the carnage from the weekend (you know, all the toys that have sought refuge under the couch, the Sunday paper that is strewn through the house, the extra dishes piled on the bench…). I recently did a toy swap, replacing the toys he’d been playing with for ones that had been neglected in his wardrobe, and he had so much fun re-discovering old favourites.

IMG_2186Tuesday was a kindy day, and Pickle and I were dismissed after just 20 minutes, which was surprising but wonderful. We came home, Pickle had a big sleep IN HIS COT (a rarity, so well-deserving of capitals in my opinion!), and I finished a heap of little jobs that had been waiting for a block of undisturbed time for completion. That morning, we also had our first successful potty incident, where Tiny told me he didn’t want to wee on the robot (on his undies), so we raced inside – me thinking it would be another false alarm – where he promptly peed in the toilet. I cried. He’s been so resistant to potty training, and I was just so happy and relieved.

While Tiny was at kindy on Wednesday, I made sushi to take to the kindy’s “Welcome to the new year” picnic dinner. Pickle was starting to get clingy and grizzly, with a very swollen upper gum, so we had some lovely quiet time snuggling on the couch, something I don’t get often with him unless he’s feeding. It was lovely to go back to kindy that evening and chat with other families, and for Tall to see where Tiny spends his afternoons. Luckily he gave the kindy a big thumbs up, and approved of my decision to send him there – phew!


On Thursday, both boys were a bit sniffly, and Tiny was reluctant to let me leave him at kindy. I stayed for a while before asking if I could go home for lunch, and he told me that was okay. Later, the head teacher told me he’d had another really great day, and had asked another little boy to play basketball with him! I was so proud of him. Being Valentine’s Day, Tall and I had a lovely dinner after the boys were asleep, and drank a bottle of wine we bought in Chilé just over three years ago. It was so nice to have a date night in.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Friday morning saw us at the Ross Creek Reservoir with friends, where we fed the ducks and had a bit of an “adventure through the forest” (Tiny’s words). The rain held off, and it was nice to get some fresh air with lovely company. After lunch, we went to see my parents, which is always exciting for Tiny as they have loads of very old toys for him to collect from the basement and bring upstairs to play with. Pickle was still playing cling-on, but did have some lovely cuddles with his grandparents, freeing my arms to play on the floor with Tiny.


Saturday was all about Kindness Day, so we were busy bringing joy to random people. Pickle was very sad, and his sniffles had turned into a full cold, so he was not happy unless in my arms for most of the day. That night, Tall and I had our first night out since he was born; we went to Tall’s cricket club Quiz Night, which our team miraculously won, and when we got home, Pickle was up for the second time, keeping my parents company 😦 All he wanted was me, so I sat up until nearly midnight with him, getting covered in snot and dribble.


(To remind me that he is usually so happy and content, and that this is just a little blip in proceedings)

And yesterday, well, nothing much different there, I’m afraid. He was happy enough in the morning, but by lunchtime, he was back to my sad little bear. We visited friends at their new house, and any time I handed him across for someone else to cuddle, he lasted five minutes before realising he was out of my arms. And last night….let’s just say that this post has been written with the help of a very strong coffee and matchsticks propping up my eyes! Poor wee bubba had a slight temperature, so I un-swaddled him, but then he ended up scratching the eczema on his chest so much that it bled and bled and bled. He didn’t get much sleep, and neither did I, although he fell asleep around 7am and is still sleeping, thankfully. And thank goodness for Kidzone24 is all I can say about this morning!

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2 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. So lovely to get this insight into your week with all its highs and lows, successes and not so much! It’s great getting to know what makes up your ‘normal’ – feel like I know you that little bit better now!

  2. Awww – poor wee soul! So sad when they are that miserable – I have had to remind myself that generally the kids are GREAT also (on numerous occasions), so I can understand the need to include that gorgeous smiley photo!

    Hope he is feeling a bit better now, and you’re getting some much needed rest!

    SO thrilled that Tiny has got the whole ‘toilet training thing’ also, must have been the week for it, as Button has suddenly got it also – which also included a few tears of relief and joy from me as well!

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