Wardrobe Wednesday: Sleeves

A while ago, I won a Max voucher from Kiwi Women’s Style. This couldn’t have come at a better time – I was bored with all my clothes, frustrated at the too-quick changes to my breastfeeding body, and in desperate need of something pretty to cheer me up at being stuck indoors for a fair chunk of each day.

I initially had my eye on a beautiful satiny dress in Max. It was floaty and beachy, with a pattern I’d un-expertly describe as paisley-aztec. I was in love, and, armed with my wonderful voucher, I trotted off to the shop to try on the dress.

It did nothing for me.

They didn’t have my usual size, so I tried on the size up, and the size down. The size up looked like a tent; definitely not that one. The size down was perfect (surprisingly), but I discovered the dress had one major flaw: there was no possible way for me to breastfeed in it.

Now, I could still have bought the dress and caressed it as it hung, unworn, in my closet all summer, waiting, hoping to wear it next year, but I decided against it for two reasons:

1. the pattern was such that it probably wouldn’t be fashionable for long; and
2. out of the corner of my eye, I’d seen this top:

IMG_2240I love the colour, the sleeves, and the length. It’s made from the kind of fabric that clings to everything (especially those bits you really don’t want anything clinging to), but I can overlook that for the sleeves.


Best part of all? It was on sale, so I still have something like $8 left of the voucher to spend. Thanks Kelly!

IMG_2251Outfit details:
Top: Max
Jeans: Jeans West
Necklace: a gift from my sister
Earrings: swallows with pearls from an Etsy store
Bangle: Accessorize

Linking up with Miriam for her last ever Wardrobe Wednesday as host



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