Teaching Kindness

Somewhere along the way, I started to use the word “kind” instead of “nice” when it came to Tiny’s behaviour towards other people. It made more sense to me to instil the idea of kindness at an early age, to label a behaviour in this way, to encourage thoughts of how our actions might affect others, instead of labelling actions as “naughty” or “nice”.

For example, when he takes a toy off another child – most often, his baby brother – we talk about it being unkind, and about how it makes him feel when that happens to him. He gets it, even if it doesn’t stop the behaviour…he’s not quite three, afterall.

This coming Saturday, February 16th, is The Sisterhood’s National KINDNESS Day. Sisters all over the country will be doing random, and not-so-random acts of kindness for friends, families, strangers.

I plan on taking my boys with me when I drop my kindness bombs on unsuspecting Dunedinites.  I want Tiny to see how good it feels doing things for other people. I want him to see that we don’t always need or get recognition for being kind, and that good deeds and gratitude comes in all forms. I want him to begin to understand that sometimes, we do things because it is GOOD and KIND and DECENT, and that everyone has the capacity to be good and kind and decent.

He’s going to help me bake for other people, and make a delivery to the local maternity ward. He’s helped me choose some treats for random sharing, and will come with me on all my missions. He won’t understand it all, but I’m going to use Kindness Day as an opportunity to expand his self-centric horizons.

Are you planning on joining us in being extra-kind on Saturday? Check out The Sisterhood Facebook page, or click on the image below for ideas, or to share your own.


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5 thoughts on “Teaching Kindness

  1. fabulous! did you know there is a group of us baking for the maternity unit and nicu on Saturday? would love to coordinate a drop with you we have pre warned the staff to expect us around 3 you can get in touch via facebook if you want to chat! keep it up!
    Jo Knowles

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