Things I’m Loving

~ loving that Tiny has taken to kindy like a pro. The first day, I stayed for 40 minutes, and nervously asked if it was okay for me to take Pickle for a walk. “Yes, mummy, you go for a walk, and come back soon,” he told me. I went, apprehensively clutching my mobile, expecting it to ring at any moment with reports of a distraught boy. I wandered to the beach, stopped and had a cuppa at a local café, wandered some more…still my phone stayed silent. I returned to the kindy at 3.15pm, and was stunned to see him sitting quietly on the mat, surrounded by all the other children, absorbed in a story about five little spacemen. He looked shattered, but didn’t look at all relieved to see me, so I knew he’d had a good time. One of the teachers confirmed this for me, and reassured me that he’d been just fine. Day two…same result. High fives all round.

1st Day of Kindy (11)

~ loving Waitangi Day being on a Wednesday; there’s something so nice about having an extra family day in the middle of the week. Waiting for the sea fog to burn off, Tiny and I painted dinosaurs. Then, while my big boys trimmed the hedge and picked up the rubble, I went for a lovely long walk along the beach with my littlest one asleep in the stroller. I felt so virtuous, having pushed the stroller up a bit of a hill to get to the Lawyers Head lookout. There were silent high fives and a crowd cheering in my head, but they ceased cheering when I stopped on the way home for ice cream. Yeah….bit of an exercise fail there.


~ loving and not loving the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Oh. My. Goodness. There were many tears. Okay, there were sobs. This has been my favourite show since it first aired in 2005, and it still grips me with every episode. What am I going to do with my Monday nights nooooooow???! (I was going to link to something here but just saw something I did NOT want to see re: the next season, so to avoid spoiling anything for anyone else, I won’t. But…..WAAAAAAAAH!)

~ loving how much Pickle is enjoying food. He’s willing to taste everything and anything, and seems quite happy with the lot of it. Olives, aubergine, zucchini, cherries…everything goes in, goes down, stays down.


~ loving the the delicious and chocolate-heavy recipes linked up with the first ‘Fun with Food’ linky. I’m going to be making Meghan’s chocolate and sea salt cookies this weekend, wheeeeee! Not loving how you have to click on a link to see who else is playing along, though. Sigh, just another reason why I *should* have gone with Blogger.

~ loving that in just over two months, I’ll be in Christchurch for ‘Around the Table’, meeting some of my blog crushes in person. I’m so nervous and excited already!!

~ loving having two date nights planned in the coming weeks; it’s been a very long time. Also loving sneaky anniversary ideas that will hopefully become reality, if I can get myself organised in time.

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4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Go Tiny – way to go big kindy boy – I reckon most of the time they surprise us by coping with new situations much better than we think they will! Go Pickle – great eating, you keep that up for mama. You might be sorry I shared that recipe – once you’ve made them once there’s no going back ha ha! Have a great weekend lovely lady xx

  2. I know right! That Greys episode was epic!. Im a bit sad that they have cancelled Private practice too. They seemed to always tackle the hard stuff in that show.
    Definitely not much on tv at the moment!
    Glad your little man had a great kindy visit. They usually do. 🙂

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