Fun with Food: the first lunchbox

Today is a big day in the Tall, Short & Tiny household. Tiny will be going to his first ever kindergarten session.

IMG_2122I’m nervous and excited and apprehensive for him, and flabbergasted as to where the years have gone since he arrived. But I’m mostly excited, because he’s definitely ready for the social interaction, the learning, the teaching, the independence that this will bring. And yes, if I’m totally honest, I’m a little relieved to think I’ll have three afternoons a week with just one child. At the moment, I feel as though I’m not offering Tiny as much of me as I should; as Pickle gets bigger and more demanding in new ways, it’s harder to spend time having fun with my big boy.

Anyway, given that this is the first Fun with Food linky post, I thought I’d share my thoughts on putting together Tiny’s first lunchbox.

Who would have thought such a small plastic box could be cause for so much over-thinking?

IMG_2120I’ve read the guidelines that the kindy sent with our enrolment pack. Fruit, carbs, healthy snacks, no peanuts. Sounds simple enough, but I’m feeling the pressure to create the perfect afternoon tea box for my little man’s first day on the job. He won’t need a full lunch, but he’ll be busy and I don’t want to send him off with one measly banana and have the teachers think I don’t feed my child. I know it’s silly, but I don’t want to be judged on what I put in for his snack. Thankfully, I already offer him mostly healthy choices on a daily basis (I say mostly because some days…well, some days it’s easier to reach for a cookie than an apple, right?), so I should be able to nail this little plastic box.

BentosPinned from here

I absolutely love the idea of little bento box lunches and snacks. However, at not-quite-three, Tiny is likely to knock over his lunchbox at some point, therefore to begin with, I think single, larger items are going to be best. I do think I can stretch to cutting some shapes in some bread or cheese though!

Here, then, I give you my first ever attempt at a lunchbox:

IMG_2121Plain, brown rice cakes (because that’s the way he likes ’em), carrot sticks, cheese circles, a cheese and parsley mini muffin, and a banana.

Fun with Food

Fun with Food is a way for you to share your foodie (mis)adventures with other people. You don’t have to be a superb cook, or produce Masterchef-quality plates of food; this will be a place to share new and favourite recipes, meal plans, cooking on a budget, lunchbox ideas, new products, kitchen successes and disasters (because we all have those!) and maybe some handy tips for getting fussy kids to eat their dinner!

The linky will open on a Tuesday and stay open for a week, so I hope you’ll share your kitchen adventures, and be inspired by what other people are doing in the heart of their homes.

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10 thoughts on “Fun with Food: the first lunchbox

  1. My #2 has the same kindy bag! She loves Zebra’s and orange so we were convinced this was made just for her! Lunchboxes evolve – ours have a pattern but the content changes depending on what we have in the house and how much they’re eating. We love plain crackers too 🙂

  2. We have the same lunch box and have had for a good few years they are the best – we never have to wrap anything
    I want to add the button but I’m not sure where the code is…. :o)

  3. Ugh school lunches. Loathe them and gave up on them years ago and handed job to husband! The 11/ 14 year old’s can do their own now and I might throw the 9 year old that job too. I still bake for them but that is it. One bought lunch a week here , if they are lucky! I have a kid who refuses breakfast and doesn’t eat a lot till after school usually either!
    And there are lot of parents who do not feed their children at school….

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