The Chair: 7 Months Old


My smiley 7-month-old

At 7 months, Pickle:

~ has one tooth, with another aaaaaalmost ready to cut through the gum. The first was causing him some distress when we stayed at The Farm over Christmas, and wouldn’t you know it? the second will probably come through this weekend when we’re up there again for a wedding

~ can expertly pass things from one hand to the other, and back again

~ is more interested in being spoon-fed than trying to do it himself; until he becomes more coordinated with his wee hands, I think he’ll be frustrated with BLW. We’re still offering him chunks of proper food…we just have to hold them for him!

~ loves to yabber away to anyone who’ll listen. He’s practising all his “a-a”s, with “a-wa”, “da-wa” and ma-ma” making regular appearances. He’s also saying “mumumumumum”, which is, naturally, my favourite!

~ has moved out of the bassinet and the hallway, into the cot and his own room, a transition that went really well

~ is still very sociable – as long as he’s in my arms. People always comment on how smiley he is; I think he’s going to be a cheeky one!

~ can sit by himself, but hasn’t quite worked out how to stabilise himself with his hands. He shows absolutely no signs of movement; he enjoys tummy time for a while, but doesn’t like to push himself up yet. I’m more than okay with this – I still know where he’ll be if I leave the room 😉

~ has dark blue-ish-green eyes with gold around the iris…his brother’s were a definite brown by now, so I’m still holding out for eyes a similar colour to mine. If he’s upset or tired, they are a definite aqua-green, just like mine.


Check out those teething cheeks

The Chair: 6 Months Old


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