Memories in a Dress

The sun is shining this morning and we have some random jobs to do around town.

I decided that there is no reason not to wear a dress.


I have two very distinct memories of wearing this dress.


The first was fainting, at 14 weeks pregnant, on a very crowded morning peak-hour tube in London. I felt myself blacking out, felt my legs turn to jelly, and then heard a woman asking if I was okay. My first thought was, “I hope no one can see my knickers”, and when I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by space. It’s amazing how personal space is non-existent on a busy tube, until someone faints and then everyone wants out of the way. I almost cried at the kindness of the young woman who helped me up, got off at the next stop with me, sat with me until I was able to walk, and was no doubt late to work because of her wonderful soul.


The second was my first day away from Tiny, when he was almost eight months old and I went on a wine tour for a friend’s hen’s day. I had a great day (when we went back to Akarua Winery earlier this month, I giggled about expressing milk in their bathroom), as did Tall and Tiny, but the dress was bursting at the buttons by the time I got home!


Dress: Esprit (UK)
Shoes: Aldo (New York City)
Necklace: night market in Chiang Mai (Thailand)
Bangles: H&M and Accessorize (though the pink one was my sister’s as a girl)
Earrings: a gift (they are little pink roses)

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6 thoughts on “Memories in a Dress

  1. Love the memories associated with this dress

    I remember my dress at my Mothers wedding bursting at the bust too
    Last year when we were in London Mr 6.5yrs asked me at 6pm on the tubes “Mama why are there so many people” ahhhh personal space and tubes!

  2. There is no reason not to wear a dress. I love this! I need to print it out and put it in my wardrobe, dresses are SO much easier than other outfits, but I never buy them and rarely wear the ones I have {I have got two new faves lined up for big belly times though} xx

  3. I love your dress. I never wear them, mainly because I’m terrified I will be in a perpetual Marilyn Monroe moment: dress flying up around my ears, knickers on permanent display while I’m wrestling with the fabric trying to pull it down. :\

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