This Week of Sunshine

I’ve enjoyed being at home with all my boys this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love going on holiday, but we picked the wrong week to be in Central Otago (did someone say rain and electrical storms??) and with two little people, there’s nothing quite like being in your own space and not having to watch them like a hawk all the time. Sorry about the wee on the carpet and the broken ornament, Grandma!


We invited friends to join us for a barbecue lunch – fresh blue cod, yum. The afternoon was HOT, and Tall introduced Tiny to the joys of running through the sprinkler.


We had a picnic at the Botanic Garden; Tiny rode on the train and Pickle enjoyed playing with leaves, watching seagulls, and his first taste of hummus.

DBGinJan (16)

Tall took Tiny to collect cockles from a local spot, and cooked them up with some shallots, white wine and angel hair pasta. 10 points to anyone who spots the two stowaways!


He also taught him the most important lesson a kiwi kid should learn: how to barbecue. Please note that Tiny chose his typical kiwi attire of woollen hat, merino top, jeans…and jandals (it wasn’t even cold!).


Pickle moved into his cot in his own room (no more sleeping in the hallway!); since Christmas he’d only sleep in bed with me, and I was prepared to have a battle on our hands, but he’s taken the change much better than expected. He looks so tiny in his cot, though, and I’m feeling a bit sad about packing the bassinet away for the last time.


Superman made a speedy visit (check out his awesome cape, a gift from my brother and sister-in-law, purchased from Les Pommes Rouges on Felt), as did a proud little bike rider.



And the two big boys went “camping” in the backyard! Tiny was so excited, even though he really didn’t know what was going on, but when I went to visit them in the tent at bedtime, the big grin on his face told me he was having a fun time. They did get caught in some impressive rain this morning, but that didn’t seem to matter to Tiny.

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15 thoughts on “This Week of Sunshine

  1. Wow your boys are looking so grown up in these pics! Yay for Pickle making the transition to the cot dad though it is for another season to end. Love Tiny’s BBQ outfit kiwi! I hope you are planning to come to the chch bloggy event in April????!!!!! Pretty please!

  2. LOVE the sprinkler picture… so cute! And the BBQ outfit, gosh – he is already a ‘kiwi bloke’!

    Those boys are growing so quick :-)!

    Is Tall back at work this week? We have one more week left, then reality hits!

  3. I just love the BBQ attire…very traditional! Stowaways? One snail, one crab. And I found them by myself (Munchkin’s services currently unavailable as sound asleep – otherwise I would have asked his rather sharp two and a half year old eyes!). Amy

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