Hello, 2013!

We’ve been back from our holidays for just 24 hours, and it already looks as though a bomb has gone off in the lounge. The Christmas tree is packed away and the bags have been unpacked, but I’m staring down a basket of laundry that’s demanding to be folded and ignoring the pleas of the load waiting to be hung, because there’s a glass of wine on the coffee table, and lots of photos to look through and share with you.

Priorities. Priorities.

Christmas at The Farm was lovely. Tiny loved spending time with his Nana and Pops, and they loved taking him out to do very important farming jobs. Pickle decided to cut his first tooth, and struggled with the heat, but he also charmed the pants of his aunty and the rest of the rellies he met for the first time.

There were carrot remnants to be giggled over,


freshly-cut trees to induce wicked hayfever,


presents to be unwrapped,


paddling pools to be filled,


great-grandparents to be be met,


cattle to be moved,


sunsets to be admired,


and Christmas cuddles to be stolen.


We saw in 2013 in Wanaka – Tall at a pub with two friends visiting from London, me…the following morning after crawling into bed well before midnight. 2012 will be a tough year to beat, but every year seems better than the last, so I have high hopes for another good one. Hope yours is off to a good start!!

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6 thoughts on “Hello, 2013!

  1. Love, Love, Love that you linked up! Yay!

    So glad you’re home – I’ve missed your posts! Gosh Pickle is growing quickly… he looks SO big in those photos :-)!

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