The Chair: 6 Months Old


He’s half a year old, people. HALF A YEAR!!

At 6 months, Pickle:

~ has suddenly become incredibly purposeful with his hand movements; he sees something he likes the look of, aims for it, and nine times out of ten, he gets it.

~ is putting everything into his mouth. His favourite thing to go in there is the thumb knuckle of whoever is holding him (even if he’s just met them; it’s like a cat rubbing its scent on you to mark its ownership).

~ has no teeth, but has very swollen, white gums (where his upper eye teeth will come in is hugely swollen already!), is chomping on everything, and dribbling up a storm. His chin is covered in a bright, sore-looking dribble-rash which doesn’t seem to be bothering him, but makes me a bit sad.

~ watches food go from my plate to my mouth; if he’s on my lap, he will open his mouth each time something passes even remotely near to his face. I’ve decided that Christmas Day is going to be the perfect time to offer him something from my plate.

~ has become increasingly irritating to feed if there are more than two people in the room. He gets distracted so easily and I’d forgotten how frustrating it can be at times!

~ smiles freely at anyone at everyone, but also shows recognition of people he sees frequently (other than me, his daddy and his brother). He smiles widely at my parents, and flirts unashamedly with a friend I usually see a couple of times a week.

~ is prone to eczema, especially on his bottom where his nappies sit. I’ve tried all sorts of different laundry powders, washes etc, but I’m resigned to using disposables for now until we can test the cloth ones again when his wee legs are healed.

~ can sit unassisted for a total of 2 seconds before doing that slow-mo still-in-seated-position topple that cracks me up every time.

~ has started to show a real interest in toys and books; perfect timing with Christmas just a few days away!

The Chair: 5 Months Old


3 thoughts on “The Chair: 6 Months Old

  1. Aw, I looove babies in overalls!! He’s so adorable!

    Isaac is doing everything in the same timing! Not so far along on the teeth yet, though. I agree with the feedings… I feel for you as you breastfeed all the time… It’s tough!

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