Things I’m Loving

~ more Elvish fun with Fernando; hard to believe there are only 3 mornings left of Tiny rushing off to find him.

Elf7 Elf8~ this dribbly little fella; the gums are swollen and the dribble is continuous, so we’re expecting a tooth any day now….but fully aware that it might be a long way off.


~ taking the boys to Toitu, the re-vamped Otago Early Settlers Museum; seeing the Tiger Tea bus once more, but no longer in a dusty, musty, fusty old museum = fantastic.


~ reliving my childhood and taking Tiny to see Pixie Town at Toitu.


~ discovering Santa sitting unassumingly and non-commercially in the corner of the museum, and being able to take my own photos.


~ little boys asleep in sun shades outside.


~ being able to celebrate Christmas early with my parents, so they could enjoy watching their grandsons* open their gifts.


* obviously Pickle is too small to open presents, but don’t worry, Tiny helped him (and everyone else) out.

Linking up with Meghan for my last Things I’m Loving of 2012 (I’ll be taking a bloggy break over Christmas and New Year)



13 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. I’ve loved seeing what Fernando has been up to…I too will be sad when it’s time for Eddy to go back to the North Pole until next year. Loving that pic of your sweet babe asleep…those eyelashes are delightful. Happy Christmas to you and your precious family xx


    Hehe, we currently have a car on our watch-list in Dunedin, secretly hoping “its the one” and we can come down for a super quick visit (and would cry if G announced he was flying down)


  3. Gosh Pickle is getting SO big (and just too cute)! Our wee man is the King of Dribble… got so many photos like your Pickle one, but tooth 3 just arrived this morning (double yay), and tooth 4 looks like it is only just behind (please)!!!!

    AND – we have the exact same top for Ash, as Henry has – ahhhh, I LOVE it; so cute!!!!


  4. What a great lists of lovings !! !! !!
    Loving your elf you’ve given me a couple of extra ideas there.
    If your still keen to do the foodie linky let me know ::))

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