Channeling My Inner-Miriam

One day last week, my husband arrived home and asked his usual question, “What have you guys been doing today?” with an unusual air of suspicion.

“I’ve been channeling my inner-Miriam,” I replied gaily.

*blank stare*

You see, I was wearing a dress. And a belt and bangles and a long dangly necklace. Most days when he gets home, I’ve already had to change at least once, and I’m usually in the kitchen in jeans or trackies.


But it had been a warm, warm day, and I just felt like wearing a dress. We’d spent most of the day at home, popping out only to get a few groceries and a couple of things from The Warehouse.

I thought I’d feel too dressed up, but I didn’t. I felt pretty and feminine and relaxed and rather proud of myself for thinking of adding a belt to an otherwise-plain dress. I added a 3/4-sleeve swingy merino cardigan later, which also went under the belt, and I thought it looked pretty good, personally.

Also, do you like my impulse-buy silk top??


I was buying coffee beans, and had forgotten that the best little coffee place in town only accepts cash; the lady is so lovely, and seeing me lugging in Pickle in his capsule, she sent me over the road to a second-hand designer store to get cash. I was feeling bad about just asking for cash, and while I waited my eyes fell onto something red and ruffly. I pulled it from the rack, saw it was roughly my size and about half the normal retail price, and fell promptly in love.

I wore it for our early Christmas celebration with my mum and dad; it was a hot day, but I was nice and cool, and it allowed for quick access when Pickle wanted Christmas lunch too.

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago I was wondering which shoes to wear to a wedding in Hanmer Springs. I desperately wanted to wear the pink stilettos, but I tried walking in them and felt (and looked) too much like a baby giraffe, so I ended up in a pair of slightly lower heels. Which I wore for an hour, and then swapped for jandals because I needed to pop Pickle in the Ergo, and my balance was thrown out in the heels.


I didn’t get through all my shoes, either…there were some (like my wedding shoes) which I didn’t want to wear, and some that I didn’t get a chance to wear. But the point of the exercise was to stop automatically reaching for a pair of Chucks, and I definitely feel as though I’ve broken that habit. It’s been fun thinking about what shoes to wear, and I’ve realised that other shoes can be just as comfortable and practical.

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5 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner-Miriam

  1. I’m smiling big at channeling your inner Miriam!
    I get dressed some mornings and think would Miriam be okay with this or would she add a splash more of colour LOL
    Chucks hmmmm I just brought another pair LOL orange of course

  2. Love the pretty red top and the pretty dress! Wearing a dress always makes me feel pretty. Even if there is no reason to wear one other than because you’re a girl!

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